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Need An Editor

Discussion in 'PC Support Archive' started by Ryantheripp3r, Feb 3, 2010 with 0 replies and 130 views.

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  1. Ryantheripp3r

    Ryantheripp3r Newbie

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my thread.

    First off here's my youtube channel with my previous cod videos.
    YouTube - RyanMcL17's Channel

    I'm making a Mw2 quick scope Montage and I have so serious footage. (very good)

    I've never been a good editor but I've always been told I'm a beast with a sniper.
    I'm looking for someone who is willing to help me and get there name out there as a good editor.

    My last Cod Video before I made it private got 12k views. I can guarantee my videos will get many views.

    This will not only spread your name all throughout youtube as one of the sickest editors, it will also help to improve the quality of my videos for my subscribers and future subscribers.

    If Anyone is interested please pm me on here or on XBL. My Gt: Ryan_Th3_Ripper
    You can also contact me on youtube.

    I can't offer a payment if you do volunteer to be my editor, but I might be able to arrange an xp lobby for you.

    If you do intend to contact me, please be prepared with some work you've done it will just make it easier for both of us. Thanks in advance.


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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.