Solved Need a little help with modded controller D21.

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    I decided to make my 2nd modded controller yesterday, and ended up making it successfully except for the fact that I burnt the 1st LED, but that doesn't matter, the mod still works. But anyways, I was testing it out, and it was working perfectly, the button was really sensitive, which is really good. And I left to eat lunch, come back, and since then I've had to press down really hard on the button to a point my finger hurts just to use my mod. And so I use my other modded controller which has been working fine also, perfectly made, and that one had the same problem also.

    I was wondering if anybody knows what going on, and I would prefer not to open it back up, because last time I did, I accidentally broke the soldering point, but I'll open it if I have to, as long as it'll fix this problem.

    BTW, I used this Tut: Simple Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Mod
    Also, here's the button I used: Mini SPST 0.5-Amp Momentary Switch (4-Pack) -

    Thanks in advance.
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    this may be a bump but bro can i use a closed button switch?

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