need a few legit ppl to play with

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  1. Parkway

    Parkway Newbie

    I don't have many friends that play halo 3 so i go in and get a bunch of randoms who suck so i need a few people to play with. Don't bother if your not at least a 45, look at my stats, can tell i'm legit. Send me a request if you want to play i'm down for pretty much any category. III Parkway III is my gt or I4I Parkway I4I i play on both.

  2. Method3909

    Method3909 Enthusiast

    I was a legit 48 on my account that got stolen this past summer. Just got back into Halo 3 and am also looking for some decent players to rank up and have fun with. I'm tired of carrying my team with 20+ kills and losing (very frustrating). I'm only a 25 in TS, but I'll play pretty much anything. My gamertag is ThaBeretta if you'd like to play.

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