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Need a bridge or standbyer in Doubles for 50



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Hey, I want to get my 50 in doubles. I can bridge or standby. I'll be on every day this weekend so add Sneaky P3NGUIN if you can bridge or standby. I'm currently a level 37 in it, but I only have 2 xp, so I will level up very quickly.

I will give whoever gets me a 50 in dubs a level 50 account. It's a 50 in dubs, 48 in ts, and 45 in mlg, and 39 in snipers. Here's the award account details:
Bungie.net : Halo 3 Service Record of LRGSTEEZMAGEEZ
I want to get a 50 on Sneaky P3NGUIN because it is my main. I really have no use for LRGSTEEZMAGEEZ.

Leave your name or send me a message in game if you're interested.
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