Need 50, 1 Month Up For Grabs

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    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a 50 in any playlist, preferably Team Slayer as I'm currently sitting at 46. I have a negative EXP account that some of you may know already, so that's at disposal if necessary. I've played with countless people who claim to be able to get anyone a 50, yet no one delivers. I'm a pretty good player and should be able to reach 50 no problem, playing with the right people of course.

    Also, I can standby if the situation requires. If we're bridging, I need someone who can guarantee a successful host bridge every time. I have auto standby so there shouldn't be any problems (haven't used it yet on H3). I'm willing to do any playlist as stated above, so someone out there must be available.

    TSlayer - 46
    Swat - 30
    Doubles - 19

    My career stats can be found here. Add me on LIVE, send a message over LIVE or reply to the thread with your gamertag and I'll hit you up. This only applies to those who can guarantee me a 50.


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