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    note: Improper installation may cause error/ hangup so make sure that you have proper recovery method.

    More information can be found on the archive of Kingroach's post.

    [Click here to view the link]

    From 3.0 to 3.1
    NKpatcher11_U04 by xman954
    same files for both basic and retail setup
    clock check disabled by default
    Eeprom_reder by xman954 for easier and quicker eeprom backup
    boot1.bin location moved to E:\NKP11
    Virtual eeprom.bin location is moved to E:\NKP11
    Fixed bugs in xboxhdm script

    From 2.1 to 3.0
    Added UDDAE setup function
    Added UDDAE installation to Ndure toolset
    Ability to convert your setup for use with xboxhdm
    Open tray settings
    Ability to use xonlinedash console
    Nkpatcher_11_U2 by xman
    RGB/Progressive Nkpatcher
    Changed graphics and icons of the installer
    Improved Ndure Toolset
    Minor bug fixes and additions

    From 2.0 to 2.1
    336MB shadowc+21MB filler for future use
    Full featured Ndure gamesave installer

    From 1.5 to 2.0
    Uses unleashx as dashboard
    Dashboard now in E:\dash\
    Uses nkpatcher.06 by default..
    Unleashx contains command to turn on/off Ndure
    Gamesave loader. If for any reason your C drive gets messed then this gamesave will directly boot you unleashx dash. This can be helpful if you want to use turn on/off Ndure for full live access with xonlinedash.xbe.
    Shadowc in C:\shadowc folder
    Removed "disable virtual eeprom entry"..
    You can use nkpatcher.67 if you want.
    The installer will remove settings_adoc.xip if you want to patch C drive folders.
    Retail setup is enabled by default.
    You wont need to manually delete "C" folder from destination path if you are patching..
    The installer is only 3.7Mb now.

    NDURE (Next dimension uber rmenhal exploit)
    Ndure is derived from UEEE. IT uses xonlinedash.xbe from special 4920 MS dash. Instead of looking for fonts in C:/fonts folder, It looks for fonts in C:/xodash folder. This feature enables you to have a unmodified retail MS dash in C drive. It uses more stable fonts than UXE/UDE2. It allows you to run a alternative tray state modded-unmodded setup just like modchips, in unmodded state it has the ability to launch MS dash which will allow easier access to XBL system. It does not mean that Ndure is safe from XBL banning. If MS checks you HD and finds modified files, they can still ban you.

    Ndure installer installs includes necessary files needed to run ndure on an Xbox. This installer includes very basic sets of files and also advance components and configuration for users. You can also use it as a patch for C drive files to replace C drive with fully softmodded files. This readme assumes that you have intermediate knowledge of your xbox although if you follow the instruction carefully, anyone can install the Ndure safely.

    1. Core Files: (Default Ndure retail):

    Start the installer. Select and output folder. By default the installer uses retail profile. Which means the xbox will boot to homebrew dashboard with power button and MS dashboard with eject button. The default bios is nkpatcher.67 which means F drive takes up to 127GB and G drive takes the rest. Files needed to upload for a softmod setup:

    C DRIVE: bios folder (C:\ root), media folder (C:\ root), xboxdash.xbe (C:\ root), xb0xdash.xbe (C:\ root), earnie.xtf and xbox.xtf (C:\xodash\), shadowc folder (C:\ root), xonlinedash.xbe (C:\xodash\), x0nlinedash.xbe (C:\xodash\), x2onlinedash.xbe (C:\xodash)

    E DRIVE: dash folder (E:\ root), ndts folder (E:\root), NKP11 folder (E:\ root)

    2. Choose between basic and retail softmod:

    From the dropdown menu choose Ndure Basic. With Ndure basic configuration, you will boot to homebrew dash with either eject or power button.

    3. Patching C drive files:

    For this, it is recommended that you have latest MS dash (5960.01 V. 185EAD00). Have all of the dash files in a folder named "C". Next, run the installer with your appropriate choices. As a destination folder, select the parent folder that has your dash files "C" folder in it (don't select "C" folder). The installer will add/rename/delete necessary files and create a complete C drive replacement.

    C drive folder before patching:

    xboxdashdata.185ead00 (includes settings_adoc.xip)

    C drive folder after patching:

    xodash ( includes fonts, xonlinedash.xbe, x0nlinedash.xbe and x2onlinedash.xbe)
    xb0xdash.xbe ( if you choose retail setup)


    First make sure that you do not have a 4 MB file called "settings_adoc.xip" in xboxdashdata.185EAD00 in "C" folder or C drive. If there is the 4 MB file, then delete it (but don't delete it if it's smaller). Upload the files with any ftp client. You can batch upload the files if you wish. It is necessary that you upload earnie.xtf (In xodash folder) first and then upload xbox.xtf (In xodash folder). Since all ftp clients uploads files in Alphabetical order, it will upload earnie.xtf before xbox.xtf. Check your ftp log to see the order or you can upload the fonts manually to C:\xodash\ folder.


    Ndure installer for pc now includes a autoinstaller for xboxhdm. The script allows you to install ndure files generated by Ndure pc installer with xboxhdm.

    Create your appropriate Ndure setup. Check the "create xboxhdm installer". Ndure installer will create a folder called "ndure" which have your customized setup. Copy the created "ndure" folder to "xboxhdm/linux" folder. Browse to CD/ndure/ folder, select "ndure" file and hit enter to launch it or you can type /CD/ndure/ndure to launch the script.

    Option 1: copies files generated by ndure pc installer. Option 2 completely erases C drive and copy ndure files.
    Option 2: Useful if you want a clean ndure installation or you used ndure installer to patch C:\ drive files. Option 2 is recommended if you want to use shadowc, UDDAE and other features without problem.
    Option 3: Installs UDDAE.
    Option 4 & 5: Backups/Recovers C drive. The backup is compatible with Ndure toolset.

    UDDAE (Uber Double Dash Audio Exploit)
    UDDAE is reincarnation of Audio exploit. MS Live 2.0+ dash has audio exploit fixed. UDDAE uses xboxdsh.xbe from dashboard version 4920.17cdc100 (Uber dash). This xboxdash.xbe is audio exploitable. This xboxdash.xbe is renamed to settings_adoc.xip and replaced for original settings_adoc.xip in xboxdashdata.185ead00 folder. When dash is running easter egg runs settings_adoc.xip and thus causing audio exploit.

    Copy xboxdashdata.17cdc100 folder to C:\. Copy settings_adoc.xip from ndure installation folders “xboxdashdata.185ead00” folder to C:\xboxdashdata.185ead00\.
    Copy ST.DB from Ndure installation folders E\TDATA|fffe0000\music\ST.DB to E:\TDATA\fffe0000\music\

    HOW TO RUN: In xboxdash go to Music>blank soundtrack>Copy>Select>Copy>New Soundtrack><<Eggsβox>>(with two '<' Symbols, capital 'E', beta Accent 'β' and two '>' Symbols)>Done (UberDash starts)>Music>blank soundtrack>Copy>Copy>New Soundtrack>Done
    Note: Use kernel specific ST.DB for best results.

    HOW TO GET: Now avaliable on Xbins! (/XBOX/Console Based Applications/exploits/_Packages/Kingroachs Installer folder)

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