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nazi zombie + challenge completion + boostin read

Discussion in 'Call of Duty: WaW Boosting & Matches' started by UUilliam, Dec 28, 2008 with 2 replies and 465 views.

  1. UUilliam

    UUilliam Newbie

    Hi, im looking (mainly to complete my marks man challanges so i get scopes for my weapons ) but i wanna level like allot :tongue: im currently level 34 =[ and ofcourse it will take ages for me to become level 65 but yeah ill level whilst completeing my challanges so anyone interested add me on xbox and pm me here

    xGT is UUilliam

    much regards, basically i need someone who will let me kill them probably about 200 times lol... but ill then also allow you to kill me however many times you wish

    uh i cant find the edit button so yeah about nazi zombi... not as important just i wanna try get to about level 30 -50 :tongue: but yeah never mind the nazi zombie atm
  2. holynutin1

    holynutin1 Newbie

    um...what? How do you plan on finding a way to get only 2 people in a match with enough time?
    Someone correct me if there is a way?
  3. Kevin Caution

    Kevin Caution Enthusiast