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Unsolved Nand chip replacement

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I have a bit of a problem here...

I've been working on an Xbox 360 that's in really bad condition. I've been able to replace broken components on the board (I.E caps, resistors, inductors, etc) and now I am onto the software part. Before the board went kaput it was outputting a rrod code of "00233" which turns out to be an SMC corruption error. Before I began the board was not outputting any codes. I've narrowed it down to being that the SMC is not triggering the 12v enable signal to the power supply. I tried to read and write to the Nand chip with a jr programmer and it just spits out "250" error codes when reading every single block (I've tested the programmer with another board to confirm it's working fine). I replaced the old Nand chip with a new one in case that was damaged but it still spits out the same codes (Ironically it can read the flash config of the board just fine). does anyone know what chip the jr-programmer communicates with to read and write the Nand? I think that might be my culprit. Also, does anyone know what the error code "250" actually means?

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