nachter untoten strategy guide.


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Ok first of all there will be no videos for my guides so i will try to explain them as simple as possible.

When you start one person run all the way back to the two back windows and they are yours to guard. The other people take the rest of the of the windows. When everyone has at least 2500 points the person with the highest points by the hell door (to be fair let them hit the box first). Then one person buy the double barrel shot gun and the thompson (this person will be in charge of the back windows and wall). The other people hit the box and get whatever then go out to the front room and hold off the zombies (the person at the back is the most key person for the most part if the back room falls then you are screwed). After that the people in the front room try to get LMG's and ray guns if possible. Around round 12-13 pull back into the hell room and set up a browning on the door way by the crate so no zombie from the right window can come around and hit you. Then another person will be beside them hopefully with a LMG and a PTRS snipe down the hall way and cover the zombies coming around the corner to the right (when the person with the LMG needs to reload pull out your LMG and take over until they are done reloading and when they run low on ammo take there spot). The other person can help the person in the back cover the windows. If the people in the front need help then he goes and covers them if they have to reload or get downed. When your defense start to fail around 16-18 then pull upstairs to the grenade corner. Two people with the slow reloading gun I.E browning, PTRS stand in the back corner the other two people neel in front of them. Usually you can make it to 30 35 with no problem if everyone is on top of there game. Hopefully this helps if you need help or want me to show you the send me a message on live saying s7 and a friend request. My tag is PonyPwnage420 :thumbup:
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