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My xbox sucks...

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support Archive' started by rockfart, Jul 13, 2009 with 3 replies and 274 views.

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  1. rockfart

    rockfart Newbie

    So I am really sorry if this is posted somewhere already, but I couldn't find it. So, I got my xbox the christmas after it came out, so it is quite old, and now it goes for days when it can't read discs. I don't know how to fix it and don't especially want to take it apart.

    Also, my xbox often tells me that I only have a silver membership, when really I have gold. It won't let me play online or anything. Only after I restart it a couple of times does it tell me that I have gold. It is really annoying, and I don't know what to do.
  2. Mast3rrModder

    Mast3rrModder Enthusiast

    When you add gold to your account you have to sign out and sign in for it to take effect. Or do you mean like it'll randomly tell you you have silver? The only ways to fix it is either to take it apart or send it to Microsoft, but that'll cost like $100.
  3. TehPhelix

    TehPhelix VIP VIP Retired

    Why would you even ask? If you are asking how to fix a hardware problem yet don't want to even open it without accessing the hardware the only solution is to send it into Microsoft. Yet because you don't want to open it and cause a RROD purposely you will wind up spending around 100 dollars just to fix it, and it might not even be fixed properly. There are only three possible solutions: take it apart and attempt to fix it/cause RROD and get it fixed for free, pay a ridiculous amount of money to repair with Microsoft, or buy a new one.

    As for your account, try recovering it. Then if that doesn't work how about you call Microsoft?
  4. xbh1h2

    xbh1h2 Getting There

    If you really want to fix it your going to have to open it up and calibrate the POT on the DVD drive. This will make it read games all the time. As for you account, do what Phelix said and try recovering it.

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