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    Alright, so here is my general review of windows 7.


    I had previously been using windows xp, and decided not to go with vista due to the negative reviews it had gotten. What I went with was a complete format with windows 7 64-bit edition build 7000. The installer took longer than I expected to even initialize, taking a good 5 min before the first screen popped up, however I ignored this fact due to my excitement of getting a newer OS. Installation went rather well, and I got my system up and running in less than an hour. Upon loading up for my first usage, I instantly went to install drivers and customize the user interface.


    Installing drivers went much more easily than I had imagined. Upon loading up, Windows 7 recognized all devices except my sound card and Wireless network Card. Unlike XP which usually has no supporting drivers, this was a good upgrade indeed. However, it took me a good hour and a half to get my wireless card driver, being that no belkin driver supports Windows 7, and I had to go with a Ralink driver instead. Throughout this process, I had noticed one crucial piece was missing: Automatic driver search. You know that feature in xp where it will search the internet for supporting drivers? Even connected to the internet, it completely skips that entire part. This is defiantly something that should be part of the final version for the people who don't have the skill to find third party drivers.

    User Interface:

    I both love and hate the new GUI. It adds a much more modern look which really takes some getting used to. I was able to easily navigate to the themes tab to customize my theme. It offers much more than XP did, but so far, no support for customized themes exist. Icons are much too big for my liking, and the bottom task bar seems a bit too tall.

    Program Compatibility:

    Here is one main reason that I am about to switch back. Program compatibility is buggy. I am not sure if it is the OS, or the fact that I am running a 64-bit environment here. One thing that I've hated is the fact that the initial loading time for most programs is really slow. Programs that would run for me in a second or two have taken 15-20 seconds on their first run, which makes the entire system feel bogged down. Program performance is also something which seems bogged down, with that programs generally run slower than they did in XP, again this might be due to the fact that 80% of my stuff is 32-bit (due to the lack of 64-bit versions). Last but not least, program backwards compatibility is defiantly something that needs improvement. Some of my older games that require system files are unable to find the required files if I set the backwards compatibility to 'ON'.


    Personally I love the new Operating System. The interface is newer and better. It was something that I had to get used to, but when I did, I loved it. Win 7 offers better performance for my system as a whole, but performance on many of my applications has degraded, some are just not supported. Personally I love it, however I do not plan to use it any more until a stable, retail release comes out.
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    I agree, overall windows 7 is nice (running in bootcamp on my macbook), but yeah the program compatibility is bugging me. That'll be fixed once it's released though
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    I still use XP primarily, but at least 7 was fun to play around with. I kinda hope they'll give more options for customization in the final version, other than that I really didn't have many problems whatsoever.

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