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Solved My horrible RGH experience...any advice for fixing what I started?

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Hello all,
In November of 2019, I ordered an "RGH Glitch 1.2 Slim Trinity 120GB 17544 Dash" 360 from an Ebay seller called "bangingbargain". I had researched a little on modded Xbox 360's before I purchased, thinking that it would be nice to have one myself. However, I was (and still am) a newbie to all of this. They claim that the console has the "Ace V3 glitch Chip with a 1.2 mod" installed, and later told me they updated to the newest dashboard, "17599" before mailing it. They also told me that I should update the dashboard as often as I can.
Once I had got it, it worked like a charm just like the seller had stated. It would boot up FSD normally and I would play through the Xbox LIVE Arcade games the seller had put in already, making sure they ran fine and such. However, I took a break in December and I will admit that I would move the console around the household. At the end of the month, I decided to boot it up again and run it. Unfortunately, whenever the FSD menu would show up, it would only be for a few seconds until a white screen with noticeable, slim black lines appear on the screen.
The seller claimed it was the HDMI port or cord was faulty, but as I wiggled the cord, the white screen would still be there. They told me to pull out the hard drive and eject the disc drive from the controller. Upon the blue "XELL RELOADED" screen, it tried loading but eventually froze, showing a checkerboard pattern on the bottom and the last prompt trying to load was "Trying 'YETI' updxell.bin" (hope those numbers aren't too important). They tell me it "sounds bad", "was it ever dropped?" (which I can answer, absolutely no, but items have been placed on it) and to try booting it normally without the hard drive. The console froze when I began moving around the normal menu's tabs.
They claim that the board is messed up and I gave out the idea of willing to return the console back and pay for repairs on PayPal. They had given me their email, address, whatever was needed. Unfortunately, I hadn't gotten the time to do any of that, and in February I attempted contacting them again...only realizing that their email address is no longer available...nor their Ebay account...
Just now, I attempted to start up the modded console...not even showing the 360's boot screen. I will also say that the console has been kept in a package box, because I thought eventually, I would get the chance to mail it. From my story, you can probably tell that I am frustrated and completely tired of this whole thing. I will give out any additional information asked to the best of my ability, since I am still a newbie. I would like to fix this if the problems are minor or have someone else fix the problems are major.
Thanks to anyone in advance. You are all doing me a big favor.
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Most likely you would need to send to someone to repair, as it seems you dont have the soldering skills or tools needed. If you want to have it repaired, Shoot me an email at [email protected] or on discord at swag#7371


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Seems like the CPU/GPU are dying, you'd need a rework station to re-ball or even replace the parts completely. You'll definitely need to send it to someone with the tools and knowledge. Sorry mate.
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