My Guide of Tips And Tricks to Playing Call of Duty 5

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    Alright, to start off I'd like to say that i in no way am saying that I'm any kind of amazing super player that can't be beat or anything of the sort so please to come in here read through this and then call me a noob and challenge me to a 1v1. Thanks. I'm doing this to hopefully help anyone who might want to develop a good skill set or to help improve anyones current playing.

    So you want to stop getting pwned in Call of Duty: World at War? Well then you better actually care about becoming better!

    Obvious things to do from Day 1:

    • You have to play as much as you can, this will give you time to learn the maps, controls and what your skill level is from the get go

    • Also you'll want to put in the time and effort through the first grueling days of noob play so you can unlock the better guns and attachments.

    • And heres a big thing that you have to work on above all else you need to learn how to aim the best you can, not so you can have a pretty accuracy on your stats but the fast you can aim and lock onto your victim the better the chance you kill them instead of the other way around!

    Some things to focus on after you've learned the maps and are a decent level of around 40+

    • Alright so now you know where people like to hide and how to aim (hopefully)
    • Time for a self assessment check your stats is your K/D ratio above a 1.00, How is your score and time played compared to others? ex.) Do you have a day more played then someone and have less score ( BAD SIGN!! But can be fixed!)

    Some Things To Try Out To Help You Stay Alive In All Game Types

    The Drop-Shot
    I'll eventually make a short video for this but basically for all who doesn't know what a drop shot is, It's exactly what is sounds like. When you are in a close range head to head battle with someone you quickly lay down while continuing to shoot, Which after practicing becomes extremely effective.
    Have trouble? Well then try using the Tactical Button Layout This can be done being going into options going to the button layout and choosing tactical, And all this does is change your melee and your crouch/prone buttons. So basically your B button and your right joystick pushdown. So now you can pushdown your right joystick and lay down much quicker that reaching for the B button and also this is how you keep your accuracy while shooting at your victim.

    Some Accuracy Help
    Now this is going to sounds completely contradictory but to aim better you don't want to aim at them. Now this is more general for your automatic weapons, But what i personally do is when I'm shooting at someone that is running across my screen i will start by shooting slightly in front of them and then look on for the kill. Also when using a sub machine gun and you need to kill a victim that is further away then usual you need to aim in and tap the trigger as if you where using a single fire weapon. This will make your submachine gun much more accurate at longer distances.

    [SIZE=4][SIZE=3]Don't Be a Statue
    [SIZE=2]One of the quickest ways to get yourself killed is to stop and aim on to your target, while all your doing by doing this is making yourself an easier target for everyone else. This in my opinion is one of the most important things you need to practice, Things to focus on is being able to move back and forth and still keep your sights focused on your target. If you not able to do this yet then just move in anyway you can when shooting at someone when its one on one and most definitely don't stop moving if your running and see someone.

    [SIZE=3]Halo Jumping[SIZE=2]
    This goes hand in hand with the above paragraph. The "[URL=""]Halo[/URL] Jump" isn't anything too complicated or hard to do, All you need to do is jump while shooting at someone so that you make yourself a harder target. This can take a bit of practice so that you can get it fluid. Also after you get the basics of doing a good Halo Jump you can combine a Halo Jump with a drop shot by jumping then going prone which makes you an extremely hard target and is 99% percent effective.

    [SIZE=4]Big Recommendation[SIZE=2]

    Alright, One of the biggest things that has helped me become a better playing was investing in a set of Turtle Beach headphones. These headphones have the sound come through the headset along with the voice of your teammates. After getting used to the headset you'll be able to pinpoint the location of your near by enemies. I personally i own a set of Turtle Beach x3 headphones but the X1s give the same sound quality but they are wired, And the X3s are wireless.

    [SIZE=4]My Strategy Guides
    [SIZE=2]I will be going through and making different strategy guides and show what i do in all the different game types!

    [URL=""] Free For All Strategies[/URL]
    [/SIZE][/SIZE][I]Coming soon Search and Destroy...
    Then is domination..

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    Cant wait for the search and destroy one and is it going to be hardcore?
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    My strategy for hardcore search is usually the same or close to my regular search so all my strategies for search can be used for hardcore

    I've been playing Search a lot lately so that i can get all my strats set