My friend Formatted my hard please

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    ZERO DESIGN Newbie

    Hi Guys,
    I have a problem and hopefully some of you might be able to help me out.

    My friend has managed to somewhat format my 120gb hdd, and i need to know if there is a way to get the information back.

    Here is a brief run down on how it happened.

    A few months ago i upgraded the 20gb hdd in my xbox to a 120gb hdd, using the transfer kit.
    Then over the Xmas holidays my xbox died, not just RRoD, but sound and no video.
    I then purchased a new 60gb premium console which i put my 120gb drive into.
    This left me with a spare 60gb xbox hdd, so being the good friend that i am, i decided to give it to my friend, as he had nearly filled his 20gb hdd.

    While i was in his house, we played some guitar hero off my 120gb for a little while (getting band achievements) before trying to upgrade his hdd to the 60gb model.
    Anyway, long story short, i left the room for a few minutes and when i got back he had already started the transfer process....fair enough, i thought.
    Until after about a minute, i noticed that the drive in the transfer kit wasnt the 60gb drive, but was infact my 120gb hdd!!

    I quickly cancelled the transfer and hoped that it hadnt done any damage.
    But unfortunately, the formatting meant that the xbox couldnt find any profiles on my hdd, which means that all my saves are now gone...

    Is there anyway that i can go about getting them back?

    Could i use xplorer360 to see if the formatting hadnt reached partition 3 yet?
    Is there any facility to De-format a drive?
    or Should i recover my Gamertag to the 60gb drive and then try to transfer the saves from the 20gb over, if they are still there.

    Sorry for the long winded message, but i thought if i laid out all my cards on the table, the solution might be a bit easier to see.

    I really hope you guys can help me, you are my last hope:frown:

    Thanks in advance,

    Paul :S
  2. x Freedom x

    x Freedom x Enthusiast

    Your saves are gone, The only way you may be able to get them back is through transferring your old files on the 20gb to the 120gb.

    Once the HDD is formatted the files are gone for good, You can recover back your profile but it wont get you back any of the game saves.

    The bright side is most games dont really use Saves for that much, Like COD5 only uses them for the checkpoints, GHWT I believe uses saves for the progress in a career and created songs, Gears 2 uses them for checkpoints only.

    So I mean you really didnt lose as much as you would think. You can get all your downloadable content back of the marketplace no problem.
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  3. OP

    ZERO DESIGN Newbie

    Thanks for the reply man :biggrin:

    I thought that was gonna be the case, formatting is formatting after all.

    For most of my saves, i'm fine with loosing them, as i've completed most of them, and the points are linked to my profile, so they're safe.

    But for games like Forza 2 and Test Drive Unlimited, there are many many hours put into them, especially forza with all the custom cars i made.

    The good thing is that i havent really played either since upgrading from the 20gb to the 120gb.

    Do you know if the saves will still be on the 20gb hdd?
    Also, how do i go about transferring the saves?
    Do i copy over the entire partition 3 from the 20gb, replacing the 120gb's 3rd partition.
    or do i do something different?
    If its all covered in a tutorial just say and ill go look for it:biggrin:

    Thanks allot for your help so far man:thumbup:


  4. VexxVoid

    VexxVoid Semi Colon Close Parenthesis

    You can connect you hdd and just copy all the saves from you profile into a folder, or transfer everything, but if you transfer your profile itself you run the risk of overwriting it, which you would lose all you achieves, so just find all the saves you want off the 20g and transfer them onto the new hdd.

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