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Five general tips for new players:

1. You can't hurt your teammates in the starting game modes, so if something moves, shoot it.

2. If you're having trouble aiming, use a Riot Shield. It will help you AND your team.

3. Use everything. Equipment, attachments, secondary weapons, etc. When you die
and come back, it will be replenished.

4. Play cautiously. It doesn't take much to kill the enemy, so the element of surprise is your friend.

5. Keep practicing! Dying doesn't penalize you, so try everything and you'll find what works for you.

Things to keep in mind

-- Sticking a Semtex grenade to a character holding a riot shield is a good way to take them out from the front without having to flank them.

-- Using a flash or stun grenade against players using a riot shields is very effective causing them lower their shields for a moment and opening them up for an attack.

-- Aim for the chest or neck region on burst fire assault rifles. For full auto assault rifles, do the same but fire in groups of three to five rounds. Doing this will make the muzzle climb for recoil and give you a second or third round headshot.

-- Thermal scopes work great with smoke grenades - enemies show up right through the smoke (unless they have the cold blooded perk!)

-- Shoot down a Pavelow helicopter faster by not locking on with the AT-4 (anti-tank weapon); shooting from the hip prevents the Pavelow from using countermeasures.

-- If you're not a pro shooter, try playing a support role. In Domination, you could play a runner class, and constantly harass the enemy team by infiltrating their rear field and taking objective points. In this way, you could be one of the most valuable players on the team without doing much killing at all.

-- Equip a Stinger as your secondary weapon and watch for enemy aircraft. Your stinger missiles can lock on to them and quickly destroy them. You can even take down enemy UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) this way.


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Yea i always use my thermal scope through smoke.... great tactic:biggrin:
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