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Modern Warfare 2 | MW2 - Killstreaks / Kill Streak Rewards
Modern Warfare 2 | MW2 - Deathstreaks

Killstreaks / Kill Streak Rewards

Killstreak Rewards are special bonuses that can be acquired by killing a certain amount of enemies in a row without dying. You can lower the required amount by 1 with the Hardline perk.

Modern Warfare 2 expands the killstreak system from Call of Duty 4 and World at War, as you are now able to customize your killstreak rewards to your liking. You can choose a maximum of 3 per class.

Killstreaks stack up, meaning you don't lose a UAV after gaining, for example, a Predator Missile. Stacked up killstreaks can't be used as pleased, instead they need to be used from the highest level to the lowest.

3 Kills


This deploys a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) that shows the enemies on the radar as dots. The UAV can be shot down by the enemy.

This can be blocked with the Cold-Blooded perk.

4 Kills

Care Package

After you throw the red signal flare, the Care Package will be airdropped into the battlefield. This can be picked by anyone, even the enemy.

The package contains either a random killstreak or ammo. The killstreak can be anything from the UAV to the EMP, regardless what killstreak rewards you have chosen.

In-game screenshot


This disables the enemy radar for a short period of time, even if they don't have a UAV in the air.

5 Kills

Sentry Gun

Airdrops a placeable XM312 Sentry Gun that will automatically fire at enemies. It can be destroyed by normal means, or temporarily disabled with Flashbangs and Stun Grenades.

The Sentry Gun has a full 360 degree turn on its turret and can pitch up and down. You can move the Sentry Gun around even after you've deployed it, but it won't fire until it's placed. They are most effective when placed in high places.

In-game screenshot


Predator Missile

This allows you to remote control a Predator missile. After opening the laptop, you have approximately 5 seconds to control the missile to your target, as it goes down. You can also give the missile a boost to make it go down faster.

You are vulnerable while using the Predator missile, but if you get killed, you can still continue to control it.

In-game screenshot

In-game screenshot

6 Kills

Precision Airstrike

This is much like the Airstrike from Call of Duty 4, but this time you can control the direction of the Airstrike for more accurate kills.

In-game screenshot

7 Kills

Harrier Strike

Airstrike with a hovering Harrier. After dropping its bombs, the Harrier will guard the area for a short period of time.

Real life

Attack Helicopter

Deploys a helicopter to the battlefield like in Call of Duty 4. It will circle the map and automatically attack the enemies for a few minutes and leave. It can be destroyed with guns and missiles.

All the enemies that it kills are added to your kill count.

8 Kills

Emergency Airdrop

Airdrops 4 random killstreaks or ammo. This is the same as the Care Package, but x4.

9 Kills

Pave Low

This deploys a heavily armored Attack Helicopter (Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low) to the map for maximum carnage. As with the Attack Helicopter, all the kills are added to your kill count.

In-game screenshot

In-game screenshot

Real life

Stealth Bomber

Description: Calls in a Stealth Bomber (B-2 Spirit) to carpet bomb the selected area. You can also control the direction, just like with the Precision Airstrike.

The airstrike doesn't show on enemy radar.

11 Kills

Chopper Gunner

Be the gunner of an attack helicopter. The chopper will fly around the map and you can remotely control the 25mm gun with your laptop.


After the AC-130 Gunship is deployed via laptop, it will enter the map. You control it remotely for 30 seconds and you can use the 25mm, 45mm and 105mm guns to shoot at enemies. You are vulnerable while controlling the AC-130, but if you get killed while using it, you can still continue.

Note: The AC-130 can be shot down by the enemy, but it does have flares as countermeasures.

In-game screenshot

In-game screenshot

In-game screenshot

15 Kills


Description: Electromagnetic pulse or EMP for short. Temporarily disables enemy electronics like the Thermal Scope, Red Dot Sight, etc.

The EMP also stops the enemy from using killsreaks and at the same time drops down any helicopters and aircrafts that are in the air. You can use the EMP to stop the Tactical Nuke!

25 Kills

Tactical Nuke

Gives you and your team an instant win. The Tactical Nuke ends the match with a bang by killing everyone on the map.


Deathstreaks are the opposite of Killstreaks, they are meant for players who are constantly getting killed. Once you've died enough times, without any kills, your Deathstreak will become active.

Below are the current known Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Death Streaks.

3 deaths without a kill


Description: Big health boost for a limited time when you respawn.

4 deaths without a kill


Copy your killer's class (Weapons, Perks and Attachments) in killcam.

? deaths without a kill


Drop a grenade when killed.

Final Stand

Description: Just like the Last Stand perk, but you can use your primary weapon. If you survive long enough, you will be fully revived.
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