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Patched Multi Dupe Money Glitch GTA ONLINE



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Hello Guys today i have a new Multi Dupe glitch for you.


  1. !!!CUSTOM PLATES!!!
  2. Facility or Nightclub or Arena
  3. Car you want to dupe inside Facility or Nightclub or Arena
  4. Bunker with MOC to Save the Dupes
  5. Friend
  6. Recent Activity for a Playlist on PSN

  1. Go Invite Only with Friend -> Start a Race, drive it and finish it.
  2. Your Friends Press repait the job and you will press Random Job.
  3. Double Tab PSN Button
    1. Press X to select PLAY PLAYLIST
    2. do it until you see a Loadingscreen with an advertisement.
  4. When you spawn in a lobby, decline the alert then:
    1. pause menu
    2. Criminal Enterprise Starter pack
    3. back out
    4. Close Pause Menu.
  5. Drive to a Martin or Simeon Job on the Map.
  6. Go inside the yellow circle press dpad right. Acept Alert.
  7. Open Phone ->
    1. Quick Job
    2. Activity -> Darts.
    3. When you see Searching for job open the Phone Again
    4. Select Quick Job to stop the search.
  8. Invite your Friend in Lobby.
  9. Drive to Facility or Nightclub or Arena and drive car out you want to dupe.
  10. drive with your friend inside the car to your bunker
  11. drive car inside the Bunker.
  12. Friend must look at the car.
  13. you go outside the bunker and drive back to Facility/Nightclub/Arena and drive the next car to dupe out.
  14. Repeat steps 10-12 untill you have the amount of cars in bunker you want to dupe
  15. if you want to dupe 10 cars you need 11 Cars in the bunker
  16. Now you must unglitch yourself
    1. go outside bunker
    2. Friend needs to open phone
    3. Quick Job
    4. Activity -> Darts.
  17. You Join him through the party and accept the alert.
  18. Go back in Bunker, drive frist car in MOC. You spawn without the car inside. go out of moc.
  19. drive next car in the moc. Now Frist Dupe is Saved.
  20. Go Outside Bunker and call Faggio or RH8. Drive it in Bunker and then in the MOC.
  21. go out of the MOC, take the next car in bunker and drive it in the MOC. Next Car is saved.
  22. Repeat untill all cars in the Bunker Saved.

German Video:
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Was just going to ask the same thing about Xbox. Just have to do some testing and figure it out.


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I doubt it will work on xbox as it looks like the recent activity is putting it’s alert behind the job which target mode won’t do
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Navy Davey

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Can we try on Xbox?

Was just going to ask the same thing about Xbox. Just have to do some testing and figure it out.
More than likely this won’t work quite like this on Xbox. There is no quick link to start jobs or playlists on the home screen. That is essentially what a recent Activity does. It could work by stacking an invite from another friend. Meaning you may need two friends on Xbox to do get it done.


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Will it matter if i have the RH8s i want to dupe in the facility or do they all have to be in a separate garage
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