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    I really enjoy this game and play it a lot, while the devs essentially ignore the feedback given to them (and so they should) the game is still an all time fav and scratches that medieval itch while I await the release of 'M&B-Bannerlord'.

    So for anyone who does actually play the game on ps4 here I have a couple niche things that can be good to know for anyone who has often had the games bugs pull you out of immersion and this could be due to any one of many reasons. I personally feel that while cheating can ruin the game, used in the correct amount and in the correct situations it can actually enhance immersion.

    Regardless of anyone's opinion on its affects the game is almost obsolete and ps4 players never receieved a decent glitch and have not had an update with console commands either so for now and to my knowledge this is the best money exploit in the game that works on ps4 and is very easy, little time consuming but you can do it from very very early on in a game save.

    Unlimited denars:

    So the only step really is get yourself a roll of velvet.
    You can do this in a number of ways but jelkela sort of specialise in this resource and you can find them for sale there very often and more often than not very cheap.
    Once you have a roll of velvet (I use 3 for a slightly quicker result) you can drain any merchants denars.
    Firstly sell the roll/rolls of velvet and then press circle to confirm the sale
    Reopen the shop you sold the velvet to and rebuy your velvet and press circle to confirm again.
    If you look in the bottom left corner you'll see that you: "got 1500denars" and underneath "lost 1300 denars".

    Edit: There's a slightly different process which involves two rolls of velvet, this will give you a little extra every time but can also be a bit more time consuming. However, the major benefit is being able to do this without the necessary trade skills. Sell both rolls of velvet, return to merchant menu, re-enter and buy one of the rolls back, exit and re-enter the shop and pick up the roll of velvet that the merchant has remaining then hover over the one you have in your inventory with the merchant velvet still in hand and press square to quick move the velvet, you may notice some weird price changes but if you then press square again on the remaining velvet in your inventory you can acquire a nice profit - to rinse and repeat just exit out and buy one roll, exit and re-enter and continue.

    So essentially you are selling for more than you 'rebuy'. For the exploit to work you require atleast you or a companion within your party to have trade skill of atleast 2, you can put 1 point into your own character and 1 into a companion and as they stack it will work, however higher the trade the better and quicker it will work.

    So ever been in a city or castle and had an opposing army turn up with 1k+ troops to do battle with your more than capable 2-3 hundred but spawn with 10 men due to the opposing armies generals having an altogether higher tactics level when evaluated together, well worry no more.

    Simply go into options and set spawn limit to 30. Load to into the battle by joining the battle leading your troops, if you are in a situation such as the one stated above you'll be lucky to spawn with more than 5 men. Once spawned pause go to options and change the size limit to 100, when done and you un-pause wait a few seconds for it to say reinforcements arrived. In my experience you always, always get reinforcements before the enemy reinforcements, so when the reinforcement message appears instantly pause and change battle size back down to 30 or 50. This way you'll have the most possible troops to help defend against a large drip fed army.

    Edit: It's been a while since I posted this however, I think it's worth straightening some things out. So the troop count exploit works fantastically in all situations although it works differently in different scenarios. For example the method I mention above (during a siege you are defending) you will indeed recieve reinforcements before 'new enemies have arrived'. For a seige in which you are the attacker in order to make use of this exploit you are required to scale the walls and destroy one wave of enemies, and after you see the first respawn of defenders appear this is your que to pause and increase troop count wait for reinforcements and instantly pause to resize the troop count to your advantage - This can make taking large cities and castles effortless and can also (with a bit of thought and patience) be used to amass ridiculous renown.
    Finally if you find yourself in an unbeatable odds battle against some high tactics campaigning army or something of that like out on the field the same rules as attacking sieges apply; simply meaning you must destroy the first wave of enemies and once the new enemies message shows, execute the above methods to gain an advantage in troop count.

    May be completely useless to have posted however it was not nice for me to find next to no information on the game here when I had not been playing as long as I have so it's worth having here just in case it helps someone.

    Edit: So I have updated the spoilers with new information (well very old information now) but either way a little more accurate. I'm also going to take this opportunity to share with all whom read something I recently learnt - and I can't even believe it myself the game still has its secrets from me.

    I started a new save and played in a way I have never really done (through lack of enjoyment) although as I started this play through because of wishing to master skill allocation among all ten companions (yes you can keep ten companions at once!) I discovered an, imo, immensely fun way to play. Basically with nothing but companions I travel from town to town, castle to castle and all the while paying close attention to what is going on between the factions at war with one another, you can do this anyway you like but for the purpose of explaining this I'll just go on, when I find that a town or castle has within it an enemy Lord as a prisoner, you can start a prison break which not only increases your honour but also raises your relation with the Lord you rescue. This is achieved by walking around and finding the dungeon guard and speaking with him, select I wish to speak with a prisoner, I thought you were the boss, give me the keys now. This will begin a prison break (you'll be fully equipped from start to finish) just kill the guards enter, get the Lord, exit and kill the guards. Personally this is my entire play through and I strive to achieve very high relation with all factions as your relation increases with each successful break out. Furthermore, I enjoy cranking the settings right up to make it all the more enjoyable but the most noties worthy thing to mention here is you will not recieve any negative relation with the faction you just freed the prisoner from!. You can do this to all factions without ever being 'at war' with them for doing so. This with some preparation (finding captive Lord relatives and accepting prison break missions) can become an xp farm.

    I post this as an all time bonus to console players, I have looked all over for an xp glitch but to absolute no avail for console players, and as this may require a good amount of setup it is still worth knowing for players who have high level characters. Although having said that the farm bit of this spoiler is where I'll begin and can be executed from the very start of a play through, 3k xp a pop.

    So the best place to do this that ive found so far is uxkhal, simply go around the north of suno, west of uxkhal and search the two woods within close proximity, you'll quickly find a bandit camp, don't attack just yet, go and find the Lord who owns uxkhal or suno normally delinard for uxkhal and klargus for suno, now, as long as they only own the town mentioned and no other territory (villages should be fine) they will always assign to you the mission of destroying that bandit camp you found earlier, the camp respawns in the same vicinity every time within 2-5 days so once re-found go and pick up the mission. Once you have been assigned said mission the camp should now show on the map with blue writing.

    As for the glitch these are the parameters required to achieve it. You need to have a high relation with a Lord and then start your own faction through means of taking a city unaffiliated with any other faction thus starting your own. Preferably having 50 right to rule, so not to be set upon by all factions the moment you do this. Anyway once you have a town and have one vassal, assign marshalship to said vassal and await him to call a campaign (without being at war with a neighbouring faction) after two days or less he'll end the campaign and you will earn 29,999k XP. If you have two vassals you can then switch marshalship to the other and he will call a campaign very soon after resulting in another 29k xp and so on.
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