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  1. redeyesmaster

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    Dear Halo 3 Modding Comunity,

    We're starting a "Halo 3" mod clan, there are no edits to your player, nor Bio, or profile in any way, we shall be meeting on a website being set up now. it will have forums and areas to post your maps, thoughts and Ideas. Also an area for Talking when you have nothing better to do, (basicly spaming a lot). So with out further hold backs let me get started on the rules.

    -These are extremely simple,
    1: All modded maps must have a auther change to "Halo3Systems"

    2: All maps must have a signiture on them, (This is mainly like a hidden Item
    on them in a out of reach area, or hidden out of the
    map. so we dont have those problems with people saying that they modded the map)

    3: All maps must eather have a reason to the mod or must be play-able. (This is a hard one to explain, basicly make it where it is
    atleast intresting to play on)

    I) No Clones!
    II) No Projectiles! This Includes Fire, Rockets, And Any Other Item that could Kill you.
    III) No Host Only Items, EVER!
    IV) No Invincibility, Or Any Modded Other Equipment Item (Unless It Is The Invisibility)
    V) No Active Equipment
    VI) Sky Edits Must Be In the Sky
    VII) No Invisible Walls / Boxes Unless Dignified By Another Item Like A Sheild Door
    VIII) No Over Dosing On Any Items (Over Doing It With One Type Of Item Or Two)

    4: The word "mod" must not be in any part of the texted areas. (It is ok to hint about the mod, such as Space-Halla, or Grav-World)

    5: Must get along with others, and please help out the noobs no madder how stupid there questions are.

    6: All Map Post Must Start Out With At Least 2 Links, One For RapidShare And One For
    This list will increase over time with the stupid mods that some people post onto the site.

    This Clan, "Halo 3 Systems" will be bringing together the many sites for one clan. Se7enSins, ModHalo / OpenCarnage, HaloDestiny, Halo3Mythbusters, HaloTech, Halo3Montage, And Lastly Forgehub (despite some of there lach of mods, i was told i have to inclued them). So you need to make sure that you can get along with everybody, yet if you cant get along with everybody you will be getting booted from the clan. We will be Launching the new site soon. Most likly on the 9th. We Hope The Turn out will be grate you will have one month to sign up and then we will be shuting down the sign ups. that way we will not need to have to constant updating of people joining and posting in the wrong place. Hopfully there will be a nice turn out. we will be Featuring mods that we beleive to be the best. And every season that goes by we will anounce the best of the 3 for that season. If you would like to get featured the best way to do this is to make a map that was dedicated for that season, such as SandTrap, SnadBox being Summer, and Avilanche and SnowBound being Winter. As said before all maps will have 2 links when posted, a RapidShare link, and a link, for the noobs. All Featured maps will always have working links, and will update there links twice a month.
    We Cant Wait To See The Turn Out.

    Halo 3 Systems: Manager

    PS: Link To Site Will Be Posted Soon...

    sorry for the croos need a new picture ill get one tonight,
    Site has Ben finish matanance will be aplied every day. for 3 weeks
  2. unknown v2

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    I'd like to know what your expectations are on how many people still mod Halo 3 usermaps.
  3. OP

    redeyesmaster Enthusiast

    :thumbup:you would be suprised we have quite a few people as is. and we're increasing fairly fast seeings how we started this a week ago and we just started posting about.
  4. Shroomz

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    Why would anyone want to do something like that? If I created a map by myself... why would I give the group credit for work I did on my own? It's one thing if one person forges the map while someone else does the hexing/modding, but that's total bull****.

    Pointless as long as you have a copy of the original file on your computer.

    That should be the only reason to mod the map in the first place.

    Following all of these would be nearly impossible for all playable maps. How can you make a war scene without projectiles or clones getting blown up?

    Why would someone take the chance and post any modded material on Bungie? It would be much safer just to have people join a game with you, then have it spread to others like that.
  5. OP

    redeyesmaster Enthusiast

    Wow... where to start

    Well you may still post your name within the description, plus this is what the siggy is for. This rule will probobly be taken out though.

    true but this site also inclueds noobs into it and has its own forum for the forges to post what they truely want modded.

    yes that is why i dont like modded movies.

    what why would you need a war scene in a shooting game? thats is usless items. As for host only well this is kinda a given wy these are taken out.

    *palmface* wow... well couldnt it be ten times faster if you were to just make a new acount. plus we will be hosting links for those of the lucky ones that are truely grate, and fet featured. we will have 1 or 2 a month if we cant make up our minds.

    but none the less we will have the site worked on so some of these rules will be taken out and some will be increased.

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