Unsolved Modifying original xbox dash results in error 21?


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Hi guys,

Some of you long time lurkers of the OG xbox forums know that I started a small project to bring back xbox live on the og xbox using a custom server.

I started out by modifying the dash a few months back, and simply my changes point the dash from the original domains to my own private ip address.

Now, if you load the two executables side by side, the signatures and SHA hashes (Somehow) are the same as the original, however if you try to boot the modified version, the console will either hang on a black screen, or throw an error 21 (9/10 times it just black screens, XBE failed to load?)

Does anyone out there know how to get around this?


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I'd love to see this project running. I'd rather have a user friendly og xbox live UI built in with a modified dash that works well over system x-link xb connect shenanigans any day.

pics? code?
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