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Game Mods Modifications by ChrisTuffur 1.0 [RELEASE]



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Hi all, it's been a VERY long time since I've really released anything, especially an entire project.
It may seen unusual to do so in the year 2020 - nine years after I started - but surprisingly, the demand is still there.

I started work on these back in June last year, just as a pastime, but as more and more work went into them, it became more of a project I had to work through until the end and here we are!

These are designed to be as non-modder friendly as possible, so I've put certain restrictions in place that will be pointed about below.

I'll keep this short, I want you to try them out and discover things yourself :tongue:

Various vehicles have had light modification, there's speed cars, drift cars, heavy cars, wheelie cars, slammed cars, lifted cars and more. There's also a Tugboat that does backflips, a Sanchez with stiffer suspension and the Annihilator has more thrust.

The Police Cruiser has a Brooklyn Nine-Nine easter egg (check the livery).
The Noose vehicles have been reliveried to Liberty City State Police.
The Annihilator has a US presidential livery.
All cars have a red strip on the tyre wall.
All cars have modern Liberty City license plates.
All cars spawn with upgrade parts.
All cars have custom paint colours.
Various cars have new exhaust effects (banger pops/black smoke/truck smoke).
Various new cars spawn in traffic (online only).
Taillights no longer have lens flares or glow effects, only the emissive textures remain.
The annihilator has an RPG muzzle flash effect to suit the missiles it fires.

There will be more I've missed out!

Lots of weapons have undergone changes, these are as follows.

The Annihilator fires rockets.
An SMG fires molotovs.
A pistol fires rockets.
Grenades have massive explosions.
Molotovs are thrown rockets.
Each sniper rifle either pushes or pulls cars away from or to you.
Melee strength is ludicrous.
Knifing peds causes them to burn.

There will be more I've missed out!

Various UI elements have been changed or recoloured for a more modern or user friendly look.

Health and armour are both dark grey.
The radar has been retextured.
Loading screens have been removed and replaced entirely by a welcome message.
"on" and "off" options in the pause menu have been coloured green and red respectively.
Messages that appear when players leave or join a session have been changed and coloured respectively.

There will be more I've missed out!


Some extra bits that make a nice touch.

Lens flares have been retextured.
Under vehicle shadows have been retextured.
Headlights have been retextured.

There will be more I've missed out!

These are some details or extra points I wanted to make clear.

I have not included freeze cars, tasers, flying cars or anything else that could be used maliciously.
Weapons that fire rockets or other explosives have had their fire rate reduced (including the annihilator).
There are no script mods included. These are designed to run independently, but are script compatible.
Trains are drivable, but not yet available. Spawning one with scripts would work fine.
These are designed for multiplayer, but can be used in singleplayer. Reliability in singleplayer cannot be vouched for as these mods haven't been properly tested in singleplayer.
These mods can only be used on JTAG/RGH/XDK, as some of the files modified have been previously patched and thus rely on third party software to bypass those patches. You can get that here.

Credit for any external contribution will be provided here.

Everything - Me, myself and I.

All changes and fixes since the first initial release.


Trailers and gameplay videos. You're welcome to submit your own.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Gameplay Video

Ingame screenshots. You're welcome to submit your own.

Album on Imgur

Links and mirrors for the mods themselves and virus scans.
Download from MEGA
[Click here to view this link]

Virus scan
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Wow Nice release man. Haven't seen your name in a very LONG time haha.


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Wow Nice release man. Haven't seen your name in a very LONG time haha.
I've been around, just out of the limelight, haha. I never stopped with modding, but I kept it personal. I fancied putting something together for the community, so here we are! :cool:
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