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Mod Menu Modern Warfare Remastered GSC Mod Menu - Base Edit



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For the most part it works pretty good, I only ever used it for testing and might as well let people use it. The menu has no editing functionality like resizing, moving or changing colors. It does have shader support using classic Extinct's way because it's easy and nice. Has toggle shaders, page shaders, slider arrays and min max increment sliders. The overall structure is CF4x99 Apparition Menu ported to MWR and edited/customized. It doesn't have a lock menu. I combined the sliders together because I like it like that. It also uses the arguments instead and I changed the order of the inc slider -> min, max, inc, start. I also combined toggle sliders together also, it used to work like a charm and run off the arguments but now it throws a fit, so I had to add an array argument check. You might run into some issues, everything works to my knowledge but I haven't done any extreme testing. Also it doesn't have any overflow protection, honestly, it's a dead game on pc, how many options you going to make or play with lol
How to add menu
self menu( menu, title, shader );
How to add shader option
self menu( menu, title, true );
If not you can either leave it blank or undefined
How to add option
self option( text, function, argument_1, argument_2, argument_3, argument_4, argument_5 );
How to add toggle
self toggle( text, function, toggle, array, argument_1, argument_2, argument_3, argument_4, argument_5 );
How to add normal toggle without array
self toggle( text, function, self.toggle_test, undefined );
you can leave the array undefined if you have arguments behind it, if not leaving it blank works also.
How to add toggle with array
self toggle( text, function, self.toggle_test, [ "A", "B", "C" ] );
How to add slider array
self slider( text, function, argument_1, argument_2, argument_3, argument_4, argument_5 );
Slider Examples

Normal slider with just array
self slider( text, function, [ "A", "B", "C" ] );

Argument_1 checks if its an array, if it is an array do normal sliders else its min max

Min Max Sliders
self slider( text, function, 15, 450, 15, 30 );

argument_1 is the min
argument_2 is the max
argument_3 is the inc
argument_4 is the starting value

the set slider function also checks the slider[ menu ][ cursor ] and slider_cursor[ menu ][ cursor ], one handles the arrays and the other the min max, that's how I combined them.
How to add page inside of page
menu_example( menu ) {
    switch( menu ) {
        case "A":
            self menu( menu, menu );

            self option( "B", ::new_menu, "B" );

        case "B":
            self menu( menu, menu );

            self option( "C", ::new_menu, "C" );

        case "C":
            self menu( menu, menu );

            self option( "Jordan Likes Men" );


some of this stuff or most of it being honest is poorly explained, I pass the torch to you, have fun.

Also if using Infinity Loader you will need to port it, it's not hard at all.
Infinite Loader will not take "[ <array> ]" in foreach() you will need to downgrade to array( <array> )
Should be a simple drag and drop inside the mp/scripts for h1-mod
Was too poor for Infinite Loader so I had to eat my breadcrumbs from somewhere.

CF4x99 - Apparition
[Click here to view this link]

Something I was working on.
close_on_scoreboard() {
    self notifyonplayercommand( "wii_remote", "+scores" );
    while( true ) {
        self waittill( "wii_remote" );
        self.scoreboard = !isdefined( self.scoreboard ) ? true : undefined;
        if( self has_permission() ) {
            menu = self get_menu();
            if( isdefined( self.scoreboard ) && self in_menu() && !isdefined( self.was_init ) ) {
                self.was_init = true;
                self close_menu();
            else {
                if( !self in_menu() && isdefined( self.was_init ) ) {
                    self.was_init = undefined;
                    self open_menu( menu );

// Add this inside open_menu();
//    if( isdefined( self.scoreboard ) )
//      return;

thread this bad boy to the client spawn or connect event, works because the scoreboard is a toggle in mwr, only issue is while scoreboard is open and you pause... well it breaks lol, I haven't found any checks or anything for in pause menu. Any ideas on how to get this full working will be amazing.
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Hope you like the Noob Tube theme, it's a warning, if I see you in h1 using ak74u or m16 especially snaking in a dead game, just going to swat you with a noob tube
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