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Hey everyone, I hope you're having a wonderful day so far. This is a wishlist I have assembled for Modern Warfare 3, so let's begin.
1. First off, I would like to start of with the idea of character customization. Back when this was first announced with Black Ops, me and my friends were excited to see a more personalized experience. However, we were quickly disappointed due to the fact Black Ops did it in all the wrong ways. For MW3, I suggest that we take the personalized experience to the next level. With Black Ops, there was not a large amount of character styling, and it required the use of certain perks, which was a huge problem to me. I like the idea of the face paint, but I think being able to change your characters helmet style, vest style, uniform style, etc. would make the experience better.
2. Secondly, we need ways to keep kill whores out of things like Domination, Headquaters, Sabatoge, etc. Although I am a kill whore myself, I do it in things like TDM and FFA.
3. Third, we need more game type, with more in depth play styles. For example, a game mode where a helicopter goes down and team A has to defend the crash site before team B can get a VIP in the helicopter.
4. Next, I believe there should be perk adjustment. Two perks I believe shouldn't return are Commando and Last Stand. With Commando, the worst player on the other team can suddenly become an annoyance when having Marathon, Lightweight, Commando, and a Tactical Knife. The gaming community just doesn't like being stabbed from 20 feet away. I also understand the use for Last Stand, but it ruins the games experience. We all have times where we were on a kill streak, and sure enough, someone with Final Stand or Last Stand goes down and kills you. There should also be more of a variety of perks and what can be done with each.
5. We should also have a wider array of weaponry to our dissposal.
6. Lastly, something most call of duty's lack, BETTER PHYSICS!
Yes, this took quite a while to type, and used 10% on my phone battery :]


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I totally agree man... that game mode you described would be killer, lol. But they are always using the same gamemodes, world at war started capture the flag, war, which were very fun game modes. but more team work stuff like defending areas and stuff like that, more weapons for sure... and i absolutely hate pro perks. Just make the pro into a seperate perk so there is more variety. but your wishlist is about the same as mine

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Everything in that post was made of pure solid condensed win. I approve. War was the best thing in world at war. I know its made by a different company but if they had that in MW3 I would cry from joy.
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