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Solved Modding Xbox one accounts on gta v?

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AGR Modz

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Hey all, ive recently noticed people are still selling xbox one modded accounts. I was wondering how they are doing this as im sure you can't transfer your character from xbox 360 to xbox one anymore? I have an rgh console and know how to mod the account on the xbox 360 but I don't know how to get it over onto the xbox one! Any help would be appreciated!

Navy Davey

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All account transfers from old gen were stopped 3 years ago.
There is no way to transfer accounts.
Any modded accounts that you may see for sale were done before transfers were stopped.
In addition people sell their accounts to resellers. They may not even be modded.
When people make accounts to sell on current generation consoles they use multiple consoles and:
  • Director mode online
  • Frozen money
  • Buy everything for free
  • AFK Captures
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