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Tutorial Modding Region Data [XP Lobbies and Difficulty Increase]



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Welcome back it's been a while since I have posted anything new! So lets get started with the fancy stuff!

So here is what you will need to get started:

[Click here to view this link] by FromDarkHell

----Optional but speeds things up for faster editing----
BL3 CLI Save Editor by apocalyptech
JSONedit Free Json Editing Tool

----[PS4 Users]----
Need Exploited PS4 [Click Here To Continue]

So now that you got everything here is a few things to be aware of when creating your save:

Region data Missions:
- Mission data that you haven't collected yet is also changed to the same level as long as the region is
- Editing an area will effect the mission even if you edit it after you have already completed it
- Missions are the same level as the region they are located.
- If a save has finished story mode you can't seem to change the levels. By using bl3-save-editor / bl3-save-import you can fix this issue
- There is no "instant mission" XP lobby at the moment as it is impossible to obtain that much XP at one time (if you find a mission where you can 1shot enemies via the games code let me know [like zedds patient in BL2 {not in sanctuary}])
- Mission levels is identical to BL2/TPS capped at 497 (gives negative XP past this point)

Weird/Annoying Bugs:
- Enemy level data will carry with you as long as you don't fast travel to that location (going through the games doors however will not [this is for people creating saves {getting region data}]).
- Turning Mayhem mode on will remove the level change
- Take downs, Slaughter Shafts, Proving Grounds, and Sanctuary seem to refuse to change levels due to player level syncing
- You can not edit TVHM region data (at least I can't [tried to reset missions edit in the middle of the story, and edit from a fresh start of TVHM and couldn't get anything])
- PS4/5 Limits users to only be able to kill enemies with health so level 850~875 I the highest you can kill bosses 920~ for normal enemies

Ok so now it's time to decide what level you want to choose (remember that PS4 is limited and missions are also limited):

Make sure your story mode isn't complete
Load your character in FDH editor
Go to Raw and look for region (Image)
Here you will see information about each location (Image)
This is good for testing just change the first 10 GameStage to the level you want to test (if you don't have that many it's ok)
Save your game and reselect your character (saving your game while you are playing or not reloading your character will make you lose all changes to the save)
Go to pandora and look for a skag to check the level (Image)

(if you want to manually edit regions you don't have to do this next part)

Ok so now that you know your save will take we will move to actually editing the save
Go to your save folder and hold right shift + right click and look for open power shell (open terminal if you are linux/mac)
type in bl3-save-edit -o json #.sav %.json (replace # with your save and % with a name you want)
open your json file and copy the "saved_regions": category (image - start) (image - end)
Now Paste it in a notepad
Here we can edit all of the levels at one time
press ctrl + h to replace all (image)
after you finish replacing all of your levels copy it back from your notepad and paste it back over what you copied from the JSON file
open up the terminal/power shell again
type in bl3-save-import-json -j %.json -t #.sav
this will either ask to overwrite or make a new save depending on what you type in for the save #
you now have a sae with modded

[Click Here For A Copy of All Regions]
[Click Here For A Copy of All Missions Completed]

Missions will not give XP and take money past level 497
PS4/5 Can only kill enemies if they have a full health bar

Video Tutorial:

Saves (PS4, Decrypted PS4, PC):
First Borderlands 3 XP Lobby with enemies set to Level 875 (give or take 4 levels)
With this lobby you can get insane amounts of XP quickly

1. Load character
2. Make sure you are in Normal Mode
3. Start Game
4. Drop XP Gear (Level 1 Grenade and Shield)
5. Kill Graveward
After your friend leaves completing the mission will skip to the end with 100% mission completion!
(I suggest unlocking their artifact and then have them leave until you finish the mission solo)
(must be in solo game when the mission ends)

Enabling Mayhem modes or going to TVHM resets the levels
Sanctuary, Proving Grounds, TakeDowns, and Circle of Slaughters all sync to player level so it will always be level 72 when you go to those locations!
(meaning Borderlands can patch this in the future)


Alt Download

My Save Pack:
[Click here to view this link]
use https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload
to test any files you want to this is a very large Project and can't scan all at once.

Here is a code scan from the git (supposedly has virus scanner) :biggrin:
^ this is a false negative just because of the obfuscation tools

Proof + How to:
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Video tutorial is now available :thumbsup:


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Times like this I wish I had a ps4! Really nice release :smile:
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