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Modding Quantum of Solace. - Help.

LN Ghost

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Yeah, as the title explains it i recently dusted off my old copy of Treyarchs "007: Quantum of Solace"

When i originally got this game i didn't have Xbox LIVE, and turning it on today and trying to play some multiplayer i realised i had nothing unlocked.

I've been playing it with some of my friends recently and i've been earning cash and stuff but i really cannot be arsed.

So getting to the main point, i was wondering if theres any way to mod your Cash/Credits to like 1 million or unlimited or something along those lines. I've looked everywhere for a modding tool but to no avail.

I was wondering if any of you could help me out, if you know of any way to mod this game, please reply, it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

SG Dev

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maybe with a jtag this will be possible as i have looked at this before and it uses the same game engine as call of duty and i think the same coding so yeah i think this whould be
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