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Modding On TBOGT PS3

Discussion in 'Playstation 3 Support' started by ps3tbogtmodder, May 24, 2011 with 3 replies and 1,524 views.

  1. ps3tbogtmodder

    ps3tbogtmodder Newbie

    Ok, I use to mod tbogt on xbox 360, Den ps3 got jb.

    And i gt full backup of tbogt on ps3,

    I was wondering how we start modding on ps3 gta tbogt like we did on xbox 360?

    The files struction / names are like and it gots dlc that i can open in openiv.

    But when i ever i edit sumthing even the smallest thing / text.

    Like change car name, it wont load up when i click on tbogt.

    How come we cant mod on ps3 version of tbogt?

    Or am i doing or missing smething?

    Is there a checksum or something, and if so why is this a problem on ps3, when xbox we can do it?

    Please some answers are needed thanks.
  2. Tom

    Tom Enthusiast

    I belive it was patched on ps3 but not on xbox so it would be offline only like the ps3 gta4 mods
  3. OP

    ps3tbogtmodder Newbie

    How could we get around this,

    And yea everytime i edit somethign and load up game it just sticks at loading screen.

    Isnt there a way to get around the patch and how would this be patched?

    I havnt downloaded any updates / patches for the game.

    there must be a checksum or check something that looks for edits?
    How could we get past this?
  4. L4N3L

    L4N3L You shall not think! VIP Retired

    Are you sure the modded files you're using are for PS3, and they match your Blus/Bles version?

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