Modding Halo 2s Old Maps On BenQ 1.3 iXtreme.

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    Hello all, haven't been here in a while. Well, I just got my flashed 360 back, and I'm really bored, and I miss the old days of modding old maps, I don't care about the fifteen second boot thing. Anyways, I started making a new raw dump without even thinking about if it was different on a XBox Classic and 360. And, if anyone has a link to a raw dump, it'd be helpfull, myne isn't coming out so great with this new piece of **** drive. But yeah, is it different in anyway? And will it be playable on iXtreme or will I have to hotswap? I remember TH (Team Halo) had a tutorial for both, but they're gone :[. Any help is appreciated.


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Thread Status:
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