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I have created a modded save for those who want to RP Cops in Director Mode

Now first of all, if you use my save make sure that if you want backup use this settings:

-Wanted Status Low/Disabled
-Invincibility On
-Restricted Areas Off
-Choose a "Highway Patrol" with tie and without boots. (Premade in Shortlist)

Here is the police vehicle list:
-Buffalo (FBI)
-Buffalo (Police)
-Police Cruiser 1
-Police Cruiser 2
-Police Transporter (All Black)
-Police Transporter
-Police Riot (Red)
-Police Bike (Orange)
-Unmarked Cruiser (Black)
-Park Ranger
-Police Rancher (Snow Van)
-Police Roadcruiser (Snow cruiser)
-Police Maverick (just spawn it multiple times to get police one)
-Police Predator

Here is also the non-police vehicle list:
-Rhino Tank
-Cuban 800
-Cuban 800 2

-P996 Lazer

Also Special Modded vehicle list:
-Clown Van

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