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    Sorry for the offtopicness but this area seems to have good smart people so can you try to help and not freak out that its offtopic.

    Ok i dont exactly know what this is called but i would like it if someone could give me a colored alphabet code that i could copy and paist the individual letters to make a word for sites that dont allow color code. Yes i know it would take me ages to write somthing with it but i could make little quick replys like "cool" or "lol" or even bad words witch id get banned quickly but the whole piont is that it isnt realy text but a miss shapen text code that looks like letters but to the computer its just giburish but a person could read it here is a example.
    ╚═╩═╩═╩╩╩╝ the other example says epic fail and is verry big so i didnt post it. I hope i explained this right. Anyway what i want is yellow red dark green or blue text any is fine and i whould like it normal font normal size like this text. A alphebet like my lol word would be cool too but i perfer the text. Now i know its possible but you just have to be smart and have the right stuff. Now if anyone has any of these or knows a website that has em or you can make em id be greatfull so could you please look into it.

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