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Modded Lobby Rules and Guidelines

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As per section rules, we will need you to provide feasible proof of the lobby you're hosting. Please Report your thread once you've added the required proof.

Please keep in mind that you are
NOT allowed to do any of but not limited to the following via this thread:
  • Advertise and/or charge for any type of service
  • Advertise for and/or provide benefits to users who donate to you
  • Lead users offsite in any way, shape, and/or form. Such as (but not limited to):
    • Social media contacts, email, text, instant message
Failure to adhere to the items listed above will result in your thread being deleted, and your account receiving an infraction. All violations of the above rules that appear in your thread prior to approval mustbe removed in order for the thread to be considered for approval.


#2.9 Members hosting lobbies within the GTA V Section are required, if asked, to give the staff their gamertag or social club account name. This will be for verification and prevention purposes only.

#3.1 All threads will remain pending until they have been verified by a moderator. For a lobby to be verified you must meet the following proof requirement:

#3.2 Threads that fail to meet the requirement(s) will be voided.
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