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Modded Controllers

Discussion in 'Call of Duty Discussion' started by Azn1314171, May 19, 2019 with 3 replies and 260 views.

  1. Azn1314171

    Azn1314171 Newbie

    Hey y’all, so I’m looking for a site to buy a decent modded controller from, but there aren’t many reviews on YouTube for this kind of thing and no one seems to talk about them a lot, do any of you have experience with this kind of thing? What are the most reputable sites to buy from? Right now I’m looking at controller chaos, evil controllers, modded zone and I’m having trouble deciding, any hell is appreciated thank you in advance!
  2. Evil Carlos

    Evil Carlos Newbie

    Hi, I'd definitely recommend us over at Evil Controllers. We have made so many changes as of late that our pricing and customization options have improved. We also plan to have a memorial day weekend sale so if you're looking to buy within the next 7 days come to our website.

    If you're primarily looking into mods than our Master Mod is your best bet, but if your interested in remappable paddles and other pro gaming features you can watch AIR BEAR's recent video on youtube to get an unbiased review. We are definitely looking to get our controllers into the hands of more youtube channels so we can get more reviews.

    I'd send you some links, but my account won't allow me to on here. However, feel free to go to our site and submit a ticket with any questions you may have. We'd be happy to assist you.
  3. Swerve

    Swerve ❤ Baddest Biatch On 7S ❤ Premium

    You might want to take a gander at Controller Modz, they're partnered with Se7enSins, and although I don't own one, I've heard nothing but great things about their controllers.

    Here's the link, and you get 10% off with the code "Se7enSins" as a bonus. :thumbsup:
  4. Frank

    Frank se7en *clap* sins *clap* review Staff

    Going to say what sort of mods are you looking for? As we have the se7ensins controller... But there is also stuff like the wolverine controller by Razer

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