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  1. Teb

    Teb Pro Doucher


    Hey guys I noticed recently that more and more people are buying modded consoles. I've seen a few threads explaining what they are and explaining how to acquire them and how to use them, what I haven't seen is many tutorials on how to set them up, where to find a lot of things, and how to do many things on a modded console. This is just a quick guide on a few problems or things you might need help with.


    1. How to get a modded console
    2. How to set up your modded console
    3. Fun things to have/use on your modded console
    4. A few small tips
    5. Revenue
    6. Enjoyment!
    7. Development
    8. A few things you can do
    9. Support
    10. Some helpful things.

    How To Get A Modded Console

    First, you can look at this thread to find a few sellers on Se7ensins.
    This forum has many consoles for sell all from Se7ensins users. You can look through it for some people selling or you can click one of the sticky threads for a more reliable purchase. You can buy a console pretty much anywhere on the internet, Instagram, Modding Forums, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Whatever you do, PLEASE and i mean PLEASE get plenty of proof before buying. Just a few weeks ago i went to sell my RGH on eBay and this kid was asking me to make notifies of his name and pics of the console with his name on it like he was going to take credit for it and scam people. Do not fall prey to scammers, I cannot stress this enough. There are MANY scammers on the internet especially in the modded console area.

    On eBay, there are several people selling modded consoles all the time. It is against eBay's policy to sell a modified console through their site, but as many of you know it still happens. I do not recommend selling your console or buying your console on eBay. If you do buy one on eBay, watch out and be very careful. I sold my RGH on eBay and they claimed it was not as described and instantly won because it was against their policy, even though the next day the CPU came up on my listener.

    Overall, if you want a safer and more reliable transaction, go to the forum link above and find yourself a new console to purchase.

    How To Set Up Your Modded Console

    First, once you get your console, I recommend you dump your nand and copy your CPU key from Xell. To get to Xell simply, while your console is off, turn the console on using the eject button. I believe most motherboards work that way. If it does not work then you might have to install Xell. (I think corona consoles require this,correct me if i'm wrong) I will make a tutorial on that soon.

    To dump your nand I recommend to use this tool
    Simple 360 Nand Flasher

    Virus Scan
    Simply run the default.xex and follow the instructions for dumping the nand. Once done, your nand will be in the Simple 360 Nand folder.

    Second, I recommend getting an FTP client or Xbox 360 Neighborhood so you can easily find and swap files throughout your HDD. This makes modding a lot easier.
    The file is too big for a virus scan so I cannot add a link to it.

    If your console didn't come with XEX Menu installed, refer to this video on help with that.
    Here is XEX Menu v1.1 it's not the newest but I couldnt find a link for the newest one, this still would work.
    Download XEX Menu
    Virus Scan

    Once done with those 2 steps you are well on your way to modding those games :wink:
    If you wanted to use a USB flash drive to do everything you could do that aswell but im not going to go into detail on how to do that one yet.

    Dashlaunch is a MUST HAVE if you plan on doing a lot of things with your modded console. That is what loads your plugins, stealth, GTAV menus, bypasses, etc.
    Here is a link to dashlaunch
    Virus Scan

    (Just add this to a notepad and save as launch.ini)​
    ; launch.xex V3.0 config file
    ; parsed by simpleIni
    ; currently supported devices and paths:
    ; internal hard disk    Hdd:\
    ; usb memory stick      Usb:\
    ; memory unit           Mu:\
    ; USB memory unit       UsbMu:\
    ; big block NAND mu     FlashMu:\
    ; internal slim 4G mu    IntMu:\
    ; internal corona 4g mu MmcMu:\
    ; CD/DVD                Dvd:\     (not recommended to use this one)
    ; buttons can point to any xex, or any CON with default.xex in it on any of the above devices
    ; note that Right Bumper is ALWAYS default to return NXE
    ; if you want to assign an additional one, use the path Sfc:\dash.xex ie:
    ; BUT_A = Sfc:\dash.xex
    ; all comments and fields in this file are optional, you can remove anything you don't need
    ; sorry for any double negatives :p
    ; njoy, cOz
    ; example entry
    ; Default = Hdd:\FreeStyle\default.xex
    BUT_A =
    BUT_B =
    BUT_X =
    BUT_Y = Sfc:\dash.xex
    Start =
    Back =
    LBump = none:\xexmenu\default.xex
    RThumb =
    LThumb =
    ; Default is what loads when you hold no buttons
    ; leave this blank if you want NXE as default
    ;Default = Usb:\xexmenu\default.xex
    Default =
    ; at boot time, default can be overridden based on how the console is turned on
    ; if you start with wired/wireless/IR guide button, this item if existing will be used instead of default
    ; note that the Guide item is ALWAYS overridden by option: remotenxe = true
    Guide =
    ; if you power on with the button on the front of the console (or the power button on a remote if remotenxe is not set to true)
    ; this item will be used instead of default
    Power =
    ; if set, going to system settings from HUD will run this app, override with Right Bumper
    Configapp =
    ; if set, this will be run as a title before any other option occurs, does not get circumvented by held buttons or default
    ; guide/power opts are processed after this; intended for a short video player to allow replacing bootanim
    Fakeanim =
    ; by default this only dumps to UART, setting a file here will cause unhandled exception info to be dumped
    ; as text to a file. Same path restraints as the quick launch buttons.
    ; if exchandler is set to false, this option does nothing.
    ; note that this uses the first drive of the class found, so if you use usb: and have more than one usb device
    ; it may wind up on any of the usb devices depending on which was enumerated first. The path for the file is only
    ; checked on boot, so the device must be present at power on and at crash time for this to be effective
    ; ie: dumpfile = Usb:\crashlog.txt
    Dumpfile =
    plugin1 = Hdd:\xbdm.xex
    plugin2 = Hdd:\
    plugin3 = Hdd:\
    plugin4 = Hdd:\
    plugin5 = Hdd:\
    ; /// ## !!!!
    ; /// ## !!!!
    ; these options are never used directly by dash launch but serve to give the configuration program
    ; a place to keep these values; note that things like ftp and udp servers are only running while installer is running
    ; if true, the configuration application will start a FTP server (user/pass: xbox)
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    ftpserv = false
    ; if ftpserv is true, this is the port that will be used by the FTP server
    ; if not present default is 21
    ftpport = 21
    ; if true, the configuration application will start the xebuild update server
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    updserv = false
    ; if true, the configuration application will start in launch mode instead of options mode
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    calaunch = false
    ; if true, temps in installer and in guide (shuttemps option) will be shown in fahrenheit instead of celsius
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    fahrenheit = false
    ; if true, brining up miniblade in NXE and then pressing Y will cause launch.xex to relaunch for you
    ; note you must release Y button then press desired QuickLaunchButtons after or use default item
    ; if not present default is TRUE
    nxemini = true
    ; if true ping limit will be removed for system link play (thanks FBDev!)
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    pingpatch = true
    ; if true header license bits will be patched for addon content (00000002 type content)
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    contpatch = false
    ; if true header license bits will be patched for xbla content (000D0000 type content)
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    xblapatch = false
    ; usually used in combination with contpatch/xblapatch or when XBLA is run extracted instead of from a container, spoofs replies from XamContentGetLicenseMask
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    licpatch = false
    ; Normally when a fatal error occurs the xbox will just freeze, setting this to false will cause a reboot or powerdown
    ; setting to TRUE will also disable the unhandled exception filter which tries to intercept recoverable unhandled exceptions with exit to dash
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    fatalfreeze = false
    ; when fatalfreeze is set to false, setting this to true will cause the box to reboot, setting it to false will instead have the box shut down
    ; note that this option does NOTHING when fatalfreeze is set to true
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    fatalreboot = false
    ; setting this to true will cause the box to reboot (soft reboot) the way it was intended to
    ; on jtag ONLY set this to true if using blackaddr's reboot fix for SMC, else on reboot you will get E71 and corrupted dash/video/etc settings
    ; if not present default is TRUE
    safereboot = true
    ; when set to true, it is possible to hold RB when launching a game to have the region that the game gets from xam spoofed
    ; if not present this is set to FALSE
    regionspoof = false
    ; when regionspoof is true, you set your region here in hex preceding the value with 0x, for example devkit would be region = 0x7fff
    ; if not present but regionspoof is set to true, this is set to 0x7FFF
    region = 0x7fff
    ; when set to false, ejecting a dvd video or game returns you to your default item, set to true to auto exit to NXE
    ; if not present this is set to FALSE
    dvdexitdash = false
    ; when set to false, using the exit item in an XBLA game returns you to your default item, set to true to exit to NXE arcade menu
    ; if not present this is set to FALSE
    xblaexitdash = false
    ; when set to true, using miniblades system setting options will not exit to NXE
    ; if not present this is set to FALSE
    nosysexit = false
    ; when set to true, miniblades will not appear... ever (requested as child saftey measure)
    ; note that using this option overrides everything in dash launch that relies on miniblade exits to function
    ; if not present this is set to FALSE
    nohud = false
    ; when set to false, xbox will be capable of finding system updaters
    ; if not present this is set to TRUE
    noupdater = true
    ; when set to true,  dash launch will put all debug strings out to uart
    ; if not present this is set to FALSE
    debugout = true
    ; when set to false, dash launch will not attempt to handle last chance unhandled exceptions
    ; if set to false, exceptions will also not be dumped to the dumpfile
    ; if not present this is set to TRUE
    exchandler = true
    ; if set to true, this will block the console from resolving LIVE related dns
    ; if not set this value will be TRUE
    liveblock = false
    ; if liveblock is set to true, this will block the console from resolving all MS related dns
    ; setting this to TRUE will also block apps like freestyle from accessing things like cover images
    ; *** note that if NO INI is present for launch.xex, this is set to TRUE
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    livestrong = false
    ; when set to TRUE the X (guide) and power button on IR remotes will cause the xbox to boot to NXE instead of default item
    ; note that powering on with the windows/start button automatically goes to NXE's media center now regardless of how this is set
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    remotenxe = false
    ; when set to TRUE all USB drives will be polled at hddtimer intervals for the file "alive.txt" in their root
    ; if the file exists, it will be recreated and 16 random bytes written to it on each poll which should keep drives from spinning down
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    hddalive = false
    ; in seconds, the interval between when USB devices will be polled for "alive.txt" file
    ; if not set and hddalive is set to TRUE this value will be 210
    hddtimer = 210
    ; attempts to disable popups related to signing in, like "live is blocked" and similar
    ; !! to sign into live profiles other than auto signing on boot you MUST accept the 'check live for updates' dialog BEFORE enabling this option !!
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    signnotice = false
    ; when you hold guide button to shut down xbox, normally the 'cancel' option is selected
    ; setting this to TRUE will cause the shutdown option to be auto selected instead
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    autoshut = false
    ; when you hold guide button to shut down xbox, normally a dialog comes up
    ; setting this to TRUE will cause the console to shutdown instead of show a dialog
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    autooff = false
    ; 14699+ has native http functions, but you are forced to be logged into use them
    ; this patch removes that restriction, set to false to disable it if you have any problems
    ; if not set this value will be TRUE
    xhttp = false
    ; when tempbcast is set to TRUE the raw temp data from smc will be broadcast over UDP at temptime second
    ; intervals on port tempport
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    tempbcast = false
    ; if not set this value will be 10
    temptime = 10
    ; if not set this value will be 7030
    tempport = 7030
    ; when set to TRUE all titles will have the insecure socket privilege
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    sockpatch = false
    ; when set to TRUE dash launch will not erase launchdata before launching a quick launch item
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    passlaunch = false
    ; when set to TRUE various functions will be spoofed to make firmware think it's connected to LIVE
    ; this does not compensate for the fact that it cannot contact LIVE servers
    ; setting this to TRUE forces liveblock to TRUE
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    fakelive = false
    ; when set to TRUE network/cloud storage options should not show up in disk dialogs
    ; if not set this value will be TRUE
    nonetstore = true
    ; when set to TRUE a snapshot of the console temperature data will be displayed in the console shutdown dialog (displayed when guide button is held)
    ; enabling this option disables autooff
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    shuttemps = false
    ; when true, any devkit profiles on the console will not appear as corrupt and can be used
    ; any changes such as saving games or getting achievements will resign the profile with the current/retail keyvault
    ; this seems not to affect glitch/jtag dev crossflash, but could affect these profiles on true devkits
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    devprof = false
    ; when true, system link data will be encrypted for communication with devkits
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    devlink = false
    ; when true dash launch will perform automatic disk swapping
    ; WARNING!! do not enable if you use FSD or swap.xex for this !!
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    autoswap = false
    ; when true, disables kinect health pseudo video at game launch
    ; if not set this value will be TRUE
    nohealth = true
    ; when true, disables dash locale setup screens when settings already exist
    ; if not set this value will be TRUE
    nooobe = true
    ; when true dash launch will automatically enable fakelive functionality only during official dash and indie play sessions
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    autofake = false
    ; if some titles benefit from fakelive, add them here - only 10 may be listed
    autofake0 = 0x00000000
    autofake1 = 0x00000000
    autofake2 = 0x00000000
    autofake3 = 0x00000000
    autofake4 = 0x00000000
    autofake5 = 0x00000000
    autofake6 = 0x00000000
    autofake7 = 0x00000000
    autofake8 = 0x00000000
    autofake9 = 0x00000000
    ; when true and autofake is enabled, contpatch will be enabled for community games only
    ; this option will be ignored if autofake is not enabled
    ; if not set this value will be FALSE
    autocont = false
    Please note that this file acts as your Dashlaunch Plugins, Whatever you have set in this will effect your Dashlaunch settings.

    Another item you will want is JRPC2.xex and JRPC.ini, these let you add as many plugins as you would like to your console and not be limited to Dashlaunches default 5. Simply add another line under plugin 5 and change it to 6.
    Virus Scan

    If you would like something cool for your modded console, i suggest you use this nifty plugin.
    Freestyle Dash is a really cool plugin to change the looks of your dashboard but at the same time, has the option to do the things that xex menu can do.
    Freestyle Dash
    Virus Scan

    You just got your modded console so you are most likely looking to mod some games, if not you are trying to debug/develop some plugins or XEX's. Here are a few ways you can add some games to your new console.

    1. You can install the game using Freestyle Dash.
    2. You can rip the game from disc as GoD (Games on Demand) form and convert it to ISO then grab the contents of it and add it to your HDD in a game folder.
    3. You can just download the ISO via torrent or other download, get the contents from it as a folder and put that on your HDD.
    4. You now have a modified console, USE IT, open up a MSP Spoofer and grab your favorite games from the marketplace :wink:

    Third, if you intend to go online with this console, you will need to make sure you are on the correct dashboard. If you are not, you will need to update your dash using this tutorial.
    XeBuild 17502
    Virus Scan
    (there is an obfuscated file in here that is why it has the 1/56 detection ratio)

    Once you update, simply download the avatar update and you will be online! Keep in mind you must have an "unbanned keyvault" in order to get the avatar update and be online.

    In order to go online on a modded console, you will need to have an Unbanned Keyvault, and a Stealth Server. To find these items you can look in the following threads on the site.
    Keyvaults (Premium):

    If you are wondering what a Keyvault is, check thie comments on this thread.

    A Xbox 360 Stealth Server is your means of getting online without ban. If you do not have one on, your consoles keyvault will be immediately banned. What the server does is spoof your XOS challenges and sends security challenges back to microsoft to show you are on a retail console and not a modified homebrew console.

    You will need to purchase/have both of those to get your console online.

    There are many other ways to get those, but those are the best examples and safe ways to purchase the items needed to get online.

    Once you are online with your stealth and unbanned keyvault, you can freely do whatever you like!

    Fun Things To Have/Use On Your Modded Console

    Now your console should be online and this is where you start having the most fun ;p

    There are 100's upon 100's of modding tools that allow you to do many things on your modded console. Change fan speed, ROL Mods, Console Info, KV Info, Message boxes, Notifys, etc. There is just so many cool tricks you can do with a modded console.

    Premium Tool:

    I won't go too much more into this as there are so many things available for you to do. It would be impossible for me to tell you them all as most of them are private.

    Once you have your console set up and dashlaunch installed, you can add onto your plugins. You can customize your xNotify with many pre-build XEX's throughout the site or on youtube.
    That is all I will talk about on this. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE JUST LOOK AROUND.

    A Few Small Tips

    First things first, you're most likely here for some info, some of you have probably screwed something up and are looking for a fix. Here i will explain a few things that might go wrong and a couple fixes for these issues.

    1. Console boots, then crashes.
    This is most of the time due to the fact you are not authorized on the server you are using. Could also mean that you have a bad plugin on your HDD or that you simply misspelled something and dashlaunch couldn't load your stealth right.
    2. Console gets stuck on boot logo.
    Most of the time this is a server xex error. Either you put the wrong stuff on your ini or your xex is not connecting to the servers VPS.
    EASY FIX, simply put a blank Launch.ini on a USB flash drive (look above for the ini) and boot then remove the false plugins from your actually launch.ini.
    3. Console will not glitch to dash side but will go into Xell.
    A quick fix I found was i took out my HDD booted normally then turned my console off, put the HDD back on then booted the console once again. This fixed the issue for me, you may have to look up more info if this doesn't work for you.


    Modding can bring in LOTS of revenue. If you learn how to use your console properly, or know how to build a decent tool you are well on your way to making tons of profit from your modded console.

    Most "Modders" are looking for a good bit of quick money. This is so easy to do with your new modded console, here are a few methods.

    1. Lobbies/Recoveries/Services
    I cannot stress this enough, if you have the correct tools, you can make TONS of money off of modding games. You simply need to put in the time to look for the right people and do the right things. Don't go around complaining about how there's nobody that will buy anymore, YOU AREN'T LOOKING.
    Go through Call of Duty or GTAV asking if anyone would like to purchase your services. Don't be lazy and expect them to come to you. (Im lazy af but i make my money elsewhere :wink:)

    2. Create your own tool with unique things no other offers
    If you can create a tool and it have unique things that people REALLY want to buy, you're set. Go look into things, discover new offsets, find really cool things you can use in your tool. There are so many tools that have the same things in them and I look down upon that so hard. If you're going to make something, make something new.

    3. Create your own Services (Stealth/KV's/Console

    You have the ability to create anything. All you need is Google, YouTube, and a working mind. Literally everything is handed out across the internet. I'm not saying just go copy paste and rename things, but if you actually put the time and effort into creating your services, you will be making bank in no time.

    Yes I know it sounds silly, but if you are this lazy and can't make money any other way, this will still work out for a bit of extra cash. Hosting free lobbies isn't a GREAT method to make money, but if you are asking for donations in your thread, you are bound to get a few :wink:


    Making money is fun, but you don't always want to stress yourself. Have some fun go mod some Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, or even Halo! spend some time actually enjoying your modded console test some things learn more about it study it just have fun with it. It's always fun trolling or making funny videos about mods. Modding in general is just a cool thing to do and have fun with. Relax and chill with some friends for a bit then hop back into the business. You do not want to spend your life modding strictly for business as this will eventually get boring and just become a job. Modding isn't a job, it's an opportunity to learn.


    Your modded console can be used in many ways other than just using other peoples tools and such, you can use your console to create a variety of things and test them as you go.
    A few examples of this are, building your server, testing your tools, debugging, dumping challenges, etc.
    If you have the right experience or the, "Want to" you can use your console to create the most magnificent programs. Spend your time learning the languages you can use on the homebrew consoles and spend some time on it don't just buy it and use it for money, use it for education.

    A Few Things You Can Do

    Here is a list of really fun things you can do with your modded console.

    1. Run unsigned code.
    This is probably the greatest thing about your console. Now that you can run unsigned code on your console you are able to edit/modify scripts as you please.

    2. Load and play with Mod Menus
    You can load several mod menus onto your console. With these menus come hours upon hours of fun and excitement with your friends or just random people.

    3. Modify your Xbox HOWEVER you would like
    You have the capability of modifying every single aspect of your console. Do with it what you please. You can edit HUD text, you can edit HUD, you can edit colors, you can edit buttons, you can edit the layout, anything.

    4. Trolling.
    You have the ability to make people laugh, make yourself some money, and have fun. You must know that with this, you also have the ability to make the right people EXTREMELY MAD. It is honestly the most fun thing you could do. Once you start trolling the laughs start rolling in, the videos start uploading, the content goes up, your channel gets more viewers.


    Here on the site, you can find tons of support. There are so many people willing to help you with any issue you are having. A few people that help out a lot are here.
    or any staff really.

    There are plenty of support threads and topics around the site for each category you could need help with. Look around before asking about issues because 9/10 times you will find your issue somewhere on the forum.

    Some Helpful Things

    Now you have some basic knowledge on what to do with your modded console. Here are the last few things I want to talk about or show you.

    1. Downloading Tools
    When downloading tools please please please scan it for viruses or run it in a sandbox, there are so many corrupt people in this community and it will benefit you so much to check before using.

    2. Asking for help
    When asking for help be very specific don't go onto a topic and make a thread saying "My RGH broke fix it please"
    This will not get you very much help.

    3. Where to find tools
    You can find tools in many places. YouTube is a great place to find some free tools, just be sure it is safe. If you are a premium member then your best bet would be to look in the Premium Gaming section to find some really cool tools. You can go into each section and look for helpful tools on the site.


    That sums up what i wanted to talk to you guys about. Your modded console can do so much don't just use it for simple things, use it for knowledge, use it for experience, use it for benefits.

    I just typed all this out to try to help people understand more about what they are getting into when they buy a modded console. Please leave some feedback on whether or not this helped you in some way. I'm always open for help if you need something simply PM me on the site and i will reply to you as soon as i can. Hope you enjoyed this topic. Thanks for reading ;p.

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    Cover what a Reset Glitch Hack is, and also please cover what a Joint Test Action Group is. This will help out plenty of new people that join the community. If you're too busy, I don't mind writing out a quick summary and PM'ing you. ​
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    Where can I get xbox neighborhood SDK? Can I find it in premium section? Everywhere else leads to a dead end... Xbox modding seems dead sadly and every link/guides are outdated from what I see.
  15. Fire RPK

    Fire RPK Enthusiast

    how do i make my own mod for xbox 360 games and what tools do i need i am new jtag/rgh user


    I'm running an old xbox 360, 20GB official xbox 360 HD, Its recently been modded with RGH, and freestyle dash 3 installed on the 20GB HDD, my question is I have a seperate brand new 320GB Portable HD, how do I set that hard drive up to work with my console and how do I add games to the HDD and how do I find the HDD and play the games from my freestyle dash 3? I really need help!
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  17. AdrunkChico

    AdrunkChico Newbie

    Lots of good info here thanks !!!!
  18. Razor0603

    Razor0603 Newbie

    Thanks, this was a big help!

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