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Solved Mod menu against Modders

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Srry for the long read but this situation is f***ng me
i dont understand why ppl do this

Hi i have been playing gta v since launch day on my old xbox360, love this game and because of that i still playing this awesome game. Played on xbox360 and it was ok, played on xbox one version its ok now im playing on PC... and.... TF IS THIS???! Its First time on my life playing video games I see ppl can crash literaly your game by a simple command. Every sesion I join there are this little brains moders that they dont know they are acelerating the death of a great game they are currently playing (???) There is no sense on this. I think this is due to the YT era whit youtubers punching each other to earn there 12 years old viwers looking for cheats fortnite/gtaV, they are working hard on this, so here we are a great game load of tons of kiddos disturbing you whit tools you cant fight back. And that is the reason I made this post, Im not gonna quit this game I always find my way to play like i want but now im whit some friends and they get bored changing sesion 3/4 times.
Im trying to find a way to fight back against this little brainless monkeys and here is where I need your help guys. Its there a modmenu to prevent/counter there idiots ppl whit mod menus who only dedicate to F** ppl?? Im not against Mods i laught a lot whit some but no whit these who puts you in Jail/insta kills/crashing game... etc I made myself lot of cash glitching and money drops session, but I glitch in my benefit and not against others.
So guys I will appreciate any kind of help on this thread.
Sorry for my english i tried my best :smile:
Count whit me if u want some ingame. Mp for rsc gametag <3

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Yes most paid menus have protection against other modders.
I own the following menus:
  1. Impulse VIP
  2. Luna
  3. Disturbed
  4. King Pin
All of those menus have protection.
Impulse VIP is the best of the four.
It is also the most expensive.
You get what you pay for.
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