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Patched MOC-To-MOC New Timer Method Glitch

  • Thread starter Cayo Perico
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Cayo Perico

Cayo Perico

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MOC-To-MOC New Timer Method Glitch

MOC-To-MOC New Timer Method Glitch ( Works on all platforms )

Requirements :



1. Ensure you are in an invite only session with your friend. You enter the casino (make sure you have the penthouse) and request a job from Simeon.

2. Once you call Simeon for work, however over the orange “Job list” in your phone. Join anawack as the job from Simeon arrives. Then, come back to the game and accept the job from Simeon immediately.

3. Accept both alerts. You will get a private alert, and be in the clouds. Once you come back down, open your phone.

4. ***This step is super important*** Once you come back down, open your phone and look at the job list. It should say the mission is CLOSED. If it doesn’t, re-do steps 2 and 3.

5. Once you get the closed mission, have your friend invite you to a job. Preferably the deathmatch right outside of the casino. Join your friend immediately, it will kick you and give you a glitched out screen. Join anawack again, accept all alerts.

6. When you spawn down, call out your MOC and the car you are willing to lose. As soon as you have called them, blow yourself up using sticky bombs.

7. Start a timer for 4:15. (Time can vary)

8. Enter the casino and go to the elevator. Once at the elevator, hover over penthouse. Once your timer stops (or slightly earlier), enter the penthouse.

9. Now the job should automatically pull you.

10. Now, get in your MOC and drive to the strip club. Have your friend drive either the free car or the MOC. Park the MOC near the main door, ensuring you have the blue corona.

11. Drive the free car in front of the pole, to where you can see the alert to enter into the MOC. Now, press right on the D-pad to enter the MOC.

12. You will now be stuck. Wait a few seconds and exit the car. Then, start up “Titan of a Job.”

13. Then, enter your friend’s car. Have your friend call out his MOC. Have your friend invite you to their MOC. Now, hold down pause and accept the invite. Then release pause.

14. Now, find a new session, and you should have the car from your friend in the back of your MOC.

Done ✅

Tutorial Videos :
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