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Minecraft Xbox One Faction Server



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Tired of sitting at the menu wishing you could do more than play boring survival?
Well look no further!

I host consistently and daily and allow anyone to join!
The spawn and villagers are completely non-griefable, so if you're one of those people who think it's "funny" to grief random servers and get kicked from everything you join than don't even bother because you won't be satisfied.

Now that most of the players on my server are back at school, it's a perfect time to join and start up while the more built up players/factions are offline!

Have a friend who wants to join also and be in your faction?
No Problem!
Just get them to add me, then message me on xbox with your gamertag and they will get added and invited instantly.

This is a hardcore PvP Factions server.
Natural regeneration is OFF.

Type of players that will do great on the server:
-Mature (maturity isn't related to age)
-Confident with being a lone wolf.
-Good at hiding a base.
-Good at mass farming.
-Tryhard PvP players.
-Stealthy and intelligent players.
-Friendly people that use a mic.
-Overall, anyone who is online to actually PLAY factions!

Having a mic or being in the party is NOT a requirement to join, however, it will put you at a greater advantage to join our party when you first join and get to know some of the players and get a better feel for the server.

If you join, and just hang out around spawn for too long you will probably get kicked to make room for another new player.
To make a good impression, do the following when you join:
-Grab a free starter kit, a free telescope and some fish.
-Check out the shop quickly to see how you can make money.
-Then leave spawn and go work on your base.


-Add KoV Chimp on XB1.
-Send message saying "New player!".

Looking forward to meeting you all and adding some fresh faces to the server!
See you on the server!


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