Minecraft Team partners with Target for new merch and in-store events

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    Target is about to pack even more Minecraft-related products into its stores. The retailer and The Minecraft Team announced today that they are collaborating on merchandise and fan parties. More than 75 new Minecraft items are coming exclusively to the big-box chain.

    Microsoft’s block-building game is nearly 10 years old. Over the last decade, it has attracted an audience from across a diverse spectrum. Target has locations in cities, colleges, and suburbs to reach those consumers. The companies plan to have products for every taste as well. You can get apparel like shirts and PJs. Fans will find a new Minecraft Lego set among other toys. You can even get Minecraft-branded furniture and bedding.

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    I'm glad I came across this. I had no idea that Minecraft had partnered with Target. I might just go online and see what new products they eventually came out with.

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