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Minecraft || Rising City || GMT || Builders Needed || Roleplay || 12+ ||

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Hello There,

Thank you for taking a look at this thread, and I Hope you concider joining.

Okay, so, recently I started up a map which I am hoping will expand onto a decent sized City/Nation. We are currently looking for builders to assist with the expansion of the city.

The city is designed for Roleplay, and that is the main thing In the map. There is a police force, government etc. You are also able to get a job of your choosing, however certain jobs require certain qualifications, which can be acuired by attending school, or applying for an internship at the place of employment. There is a working currency system, which can be uses to buy food, armour and tools. Money can also be used to buy houses, furniture, even start your own businesses.

Anyone who joins will receive a low end house and $500 to get started.

Builders are able to build their own houses and receive money on completion of each build.

Interested? Contact me on Xbox One, Gamertag below.


Thank You
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