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    This is not my save that I created this is a save I had on my PS3 for awhile so for anyone who wants Platinum trophy on Minecraft feel free to use this save.

    NOTE: It might say it is owned by another user therefor you cannot obtain any trophies and in the game it might say Trophies are disabled but they're not.

    There are annoying Slimes around the area.

    Also thanks to Red for clearing up some things I didn't know about if I can do this or not.

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    Virus Scan

    Full Guide For The Trophies:
    1. When you appear just break the wood block in front of you with your fist. Trophy "Getting Wood".

    2. Press Triangle now get out. Press Square and craft some planks and with the planks build a crafting table. Trophies "Taking Inventory" and "Benchmarking".

    3. Now go to the big chest behind you and take everything. Press triangle and drop the blaze rod and pick it up again. Trophy "Into Fire".

    4. Now go to the crafting table and craft 12 sticks (Just hit it 4 times and you should get them), now craft one of every wood tool (Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, *** and Sword). Don't leave yet and wait for trophies to pop. Trophies "Time To Mine!", "Time To Farm!", "Time To Strike" and "MOAR Tools".

    5. Now Stay in the crafting table and build a furnace and a enchantment table. Trophies "Hot Topic" and "Enchanter"

    6. Now go and make one bread and one cake. Trophies "Bake Bread" and "The Lie"

    7. Now go and build a dispenser, Stone Pickaxe and a Iron Pickaxe. Trophies "Dispence With This" and "Getting an Upgrade"

    8. Get out of the crafting table and put some where the furnace and put the iron ore to smelt. When you wait for it go to the Brewing Stand and put the 2 bottle of water. Now wait for the to thing to be done take then and trophies pop. Trophies "Acquire Hardware" and "Local Brewery"

    9. Now with your iron Pickaxe go and mine the diamond ore block that was next to the wood block. Trophy "DIAMONDS!"

    10. Go the small chest just in the front and take the obsidian block and the Flint and Steel. Put the obsidian block next to the other obsidian block that is in the ground and use the Flint and Steel to open the portal. Trophy "Into The Nether"

    11. Now go to your back where the wolves are and give the bones that should be in your inventory (If the wolves are gone just reload the save). you should get the Trophy "Leader Of The Pack"

    12. Kill any monster close by. Trophy "Monster Hunter"

    13. Look in the sky until you find a floor go where it is and climb it trough the ladder. when you are up there you will see a small chest and put in there anything you don't need. And take the carrot on a stick and the saddle. Now open the fence gate and put the saddle to the pig and hop on and with the carrot on a stick guide him to the other fence gate and jump off. (Be sure to have full health if you don't wanna die. Trophy "When Pigs Fly"

    14. Now kill some cows close by and you should get some leather. Trophy "Cow Tipper"

    15. Go to the chest were the obsidian block was and take the diamond sword and diamond pickaxe. Go to the front part of the big stone square and you will see a Ghast when he spits a fireball just reflect it to him with the sword (hit the fireball with the sword) until you kill it. Trophy "Return to Sender"

    16. Go to water pool close to the wolves and in that chest take the fishing rod and fish there. When you get the fish go to the furnace and cook it. Trophy "Delicious Fish"

    17. Go to a rail. You has to be a little fast here, put the minecart in the rail and hop in before it goes. (Hit L2 twice) just go to one end to another without stopping and you should get the trophy. Trophy "On A Rail"

    18. Get off the Minecart. And this is the part you need a friend. Close to the wolves there is a small chest with arrows and a spawn egg just take the spawn skeleton egg and spawn it in the small room next to the chest. The friend or the other player stay close to the skeleton until the other guy shoot the skeleton from the other side (just follow the Glowstone and you will see a piece of Glowstone in the air at the end stand there and shoot) and the friend have to stay there because the skeleton disappear if the player is far away. Trophy "Sniper Duel"

    19. Now be sure to take the Bow and arrow. Jump to the end portal and when you appear just keep running forward until you see the Ender Dragon. Just shoot him one arrow and you kill him. Now just go to where he stand and with the Diamond Pickaxe break one of the block and jump into the black space (the portal). And now you should see the credits. Trophies "The End?", "The End." and "Awarded All Trophies"
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