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Well it's kind of hard finding nice seeds in the 1.8 update so I'm making a thread about it
Remember it's important to write exactly the same seed I'll write[Use Caps lock only when needed]
I Will find images for the seeds
Credit goes to spudmonkee and all other people who helped him
Just wanted to add this here so we don't have to visit minecraftforum.com

Good seeds to use.All have been tested
  • amazingseed-Mostly dominated by a mountain biome so it's not the most amazing seed but, the way the mountain ranges form, just screams out "Evil Wizard's Tower" or "Dracula Castle", well for me anyway.
    All Biomes are represented except for snow, and there are no villages on this map what so ever but 2 Ravines at least.
  • Australia-If you want a map with extreme mountains, forests, winter and a bit of swamp and a small ocean (about 1/8 of the map in the corner) and ZERO desert, plains, or npc villages.

    Made me realise npc villages only spawn in plains and deserts. Not sure if there's anything underground. Felt more like a pre-1.8 map than anything I've tried yet.
  • c-Almost all desert with a river going through it, with a large ocean about a 1/3rd of the world. Very little swamp, a little forest/grassland, no tundra.this seed also has 6 npc villages
  • Evanescence-All the biomes are represented here. The deserts are a bit on the small side, but all else makes it worthwhile. There are three, and most of a fourth, villages. I only explored it for a little while, but i found terrain not entirely unlike pre-updated maps, except with way more epic mountains.this seed actually has a lot things so it's best you guys explore it your selves
  • fartsy hob-You will spawn next to a mob spawner and if you walk around and explore you're going to find 4 mine shafts and villages
  • jalopy-For those who want a map that has everything including beauty,but want their Biomes properly geographically placed.snow biomes are well separated from desert ones.
  • LEFT-his map has all biomes except for ocean. It's 80% plains marred by shallow rivers and lakes. A very good map for finding sheep and other animals because the forest and tundra biomes are so small and hugging the edges it easy to avoid spawning too many wolves. There are 2 villages.
  • littleblackant-Fantastic little seed that has a triple land bridge formation covered in waterfalls, a shadow lake, and a large floating island.
  • Mattias-This map is close to 50% extreme hills/mountains centered around the middle. So if your nuts for those high altitudes this is the seed for you. It also has all the other biomes except for ocean. The swamp and desert are very tiny and huddling together to the bottom right, trying to keep warm. It has one small village only, at the edge of a ravine.
  • Matiz-You spawn at south (near the end of map) and look what bunny hide in north/east of that map. This seed has 5 or 6 completed NPC villages plus 1 or 2 at the edges). Has a stronghold in the mountains on the south end of the map.
  • Nevadunb4-On the surface this map is pretty much just another map, nice enough though, plenty of resources with 4 villages and 4 ravines, all in the south.
    In the screenshot where I'm standing, next to a ravine where the desert touches the small snow area, go down into the ravine and head north a short ways, and it opens up into giant cavern, like where 3 maybe 4 underground ravines converge and among it all is a abandoned mineshaft, the biggest I've seen, a lot of it in the openness of the cavern itself and beyond.
  • Ronsito-Has all biomes I think, except by ocean and the mushroom thing [i dont know if actually this are on xbox] and the biomes are on large proportions! nothing special about extreme formations or something, the swamp biome is so flat, in general all the map.
  • spudmonkee-You spawn near a large desert biome which joins up extreme mountainous terrain along with a swamp and snow biome close by as shown in the first image. It's a very interesting seed with a bit of everything in there for you to explore. Islands are conveniently placed throughout the map along with masses of Cactus and other resources. Lavafalls and waterfalls are also spread around the mountainous areas allowing for easy access if needed.
  • V-This seed has some of the most beautiful views I've seen since the update. Very impressive mountain ranges. As far as I can tell it has all the biomes. It has 2 small villages. I have not explored underground at all yet.
  • vague zone-A very flat map with only 2 small mountains and several small hills. The map is made up mostly of Tundra with the next sizeable presence being Desert and Forest. Also it has 6 and a half villages, lol, and 2 Ravines.
  • worldofminecraft-A complete failed generated stronghold!!! The Stronghold has no ground and is inside in a ravine
    the soil has crazy stronghold structures (last Picture)

    Coordinates: X:298 / Y:44 / Z:-54
  • yolo-It has a cool river winding throughout the map for quick transportation. Below the first village closest to the spawn is a abandoned temple.
  • 178501669559396487-This seed has a few islands, two of which are perfect for island survival at the top of the map near the middle.
  • 208290290-Now this seed has two desert villages and one in a plain. There's a taiga area and some jungle biomes. All biomes make a circle around the center where there's a huge mountain system with high mountains, some with cheese holes ,some with strange forms. I explored only three mineshafts but I've seen at least five when I was in creative, one of them is right under one of the desert villages, and close to is what should be a stronghold.

    Golden Apple(s) - Coordinates : x= 15 Y= 68 Z= 378 . It's a spider dungeon if you go on survival.
  • 2935705764735231786-This seed have a large desert, snow area with trees and pines, forest and 2 swamps, 3 villages, if you like the exposed caves, and the big "rare" formations, you may like this seed. the seed have both mushrooms/sugar cane/pumpkins , I don't know about strongholds or other underground stuff.
  • 304694186-Desert, forest, snow and ocean areas. The stronghold that's open to the surface is what makes this a good seed. also a lot of underground ravines.The stronghold library and stairwell are the parts open to the surface with a NPC village nearby. There are also abandoned mineshafts intermingled with the stronghold. I made a bore hole beside the library down to bedrock and blew it open with a stack of TNT. The whole revealed that the stronghold either goes from the surface to the bedrock or there are multiple strongholds spawned together with abandoned mineshafts everywhere. This would be a great place to build a castle/above ground stronghold. Also a great starting point for your very own town/city with below ground catacombs. Its in the NW part of the map near the only village I know of. x-305, y66, z-130 are the co-ords for the stronghold library.
  • 666-Seed 666 has around 7 or so villages and glorious mountains and rivers/inlets that you can do a lot with. There are plains that you can just be creative in too, a small desert swamp* and snow biome, but the main biomes are mountains and planes.
  • 800251499107540270-Well balanced biomes as well as having great land ranges from desert to mountains to snowy to swamp. There are four complete villages and a massive amount of hidden ravines, mine shafts, and unique cave systems. I've spent about two days mildly exploring this seed and have found 4 villages, 2 random wells, 3 surface lava pools, 1 submerged cave, 3 surface ravines, 13 huge and hidden ravines, 22 spawners, 13 random chests, 3 abandoned mining areas, and one stronghold.

    Near the player spawn point is a village and huge ravine system. Just head to the right side of the map from the spawn point. Watch for holes. I found them the hard way.

    There are also some seriously massive lava lakes at the bottom of the map. At Y:12 and Y:16 all throughout the map. I'm telling you that because the warning about not digging straight up or down is actually a wise one.
  • 8984348475745986364-
    It has a good variety of amazing stuff, and I only put about half an hour exploring the surface.

    first thing on the agenda, an underwater dungeon that has a little hole through the roof and the exit leads right into a lava pool, effectively a mob spawn killer (see image 1). Yeah you can't see the lava because I decided to remove the wall for a better view and it kinda flooded the pool. Finding this extremely hard to spot, I first found it while exploring and being bored, finding it kept getting harder since there isn't really any unique landmarks to finding it.

    Coordinates are : X = -110 Y = 43 Z = -375

    This next one is pretty awesome, and a lot more to explore than the dungeon under the ocean (see image 2).

    Yeah I wont explain and spoil the surprise of what's in the ravine, that's for explorers to find out themselves, but I'll be kind and give the coordinates for where to find it.

    Coordinates are : X = -267 Y = 64 Z = 16
  • -4272183095216035638-All biomes are represented here, with snowy being the the largest. Desert is second largest. I found 4/5 villages and remnants/bits of another and a random well to boot. I didn't do too much exploring underground, but when i did, i found a ravine that led into another ravine that led into another. All the ravines i saw had quite a lot of caves leading off them.
  • -5781131510934377421-
    In the image, I'm in the village you spawn in. There are many around the map, mostly in good condition (one small borked one against the south western border!)

    Directly below the village you spawn in is an epic mineshaft with pumpkin and melon seeds. So far I've found three cave spider spawners and three chests with pumpkin and melon seeds, and took a break from searching through it after some hours! Finding wool for beds at the game's beginning won't be a problem because you can just collect the abundance of cobwebs and make wool from the string.

    There's also a pretty great village in the desert in the centre if you wanted to reset the spawn point to there.

    There's an underseas mineshaft visible at night in the ocean northeast of the village. I've also found another mineshaft to the west of the snowy island in the north of the map.

    Chests with pumpkin seeds:
    x96 y28 z315
    x117 y24 z389

    Melon seeds:
    x135 y26 z399

    cave spider spawners:
    x149 y29 z336
    x117 y27 z378
    x116 y27 z371

    x121 y13 z343
    x147 y12 z355

    Dig down at X115 Z128

    The seed is absolutely packed with mineshafts, caves and ravines as well, and at least 4 decent npc villages (and some borked ones, good for grabbing resources from) and all biome types get a good look in.
  • -5875926331857218434-A few small islands, a handful of trees and not a lot else.
    Some sugar cane dotted about. No idea what underground resources are about.
  • -849787283-This is BY FAR the most extreme terrain seed I've ever seen anyone post. 80% of the seed is extreme hills biome. This seed has a lot of ravines, all of the biomes, and the only downside is I believe there is only 1 NPC village. But nonetheless, this is a great map for just about anything.
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try out this seeds "gangnam style" or you could just try gangnam

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Is there any seeds with complete snow like the whole map covered with snow??!
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