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News Microsoft wins battle against FTC for Actiblizzard


In early 2022, we heard news that Microsoft was going to be purchasing the MEGA company Activision / Blizzard (Actiblizzard) for nearly $69bn. This was following the tragic events and allegations against the gaming company Blizzard (coincidence in timing, I think not!). Very quickly after the news, Sony pushed back against the purchase and the FTC stepped in to attempt to prevent the sale for a few different reasons - including to prevent Microsoft from creating a monopoly in the console gaming section. This has caused a legal battle that's been ongoing for over a year. However, this past week, Microsoft has won against the FTC's attempted blockage of the acquisition.

With this, Microsoft can continue on with the acquisition of the developer studios, at roughly $95 per share to total the $69bn purchase. It is rumored (I have no definitive source) that gamers will see almost all legacy titles of CoD come to game pass within the next few years. Many people are stating that the older CoD games have received fixes for their match making systems - making games easier to find. (Thanks Andrew Tate for posting this, see his thread here - the phenomenon is seen across the gaming community).

However, Microsoft is not out of the waters yet. There is still an anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft - I'm sure many Xbox (PC and console) players have received notifications in recent months that ToS and data collections are changing over in the Microsoft world. Additionally, there is still some murky waters with the overall acquisition - we will have to stand by and wait it out to watch this in real time over the coming months/years!

See the official Microsoft purchase here (source): https://news.microsoft.com/2022/01/...ty-of-gaming-to-everyone-across-every-device/
The FTC ruling source can be found on many websites, no singular source was used but a collective of a few.
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