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    This download is for people who installed any Microsoft Office newer than 2003, because the photo editor is not available to them. Ok the Downloaded file WILL work as an app if you dont mess with any files in the file(i.e. click the .exe to open the program), but if you want to install it, heres how:

    1. Go to Program Files and make a file named: "Microsoft Photo Editor"
    2. Copy all files in the downloaded file into this folder EXCEPT the .reg files. Move them to the desktop.
    3. Double click both the .reg files and push "yes" when it asks you if you want to add these files to the registry.
    4. Right click a .jpg, .bmp, or any other picture file you want to always open with this program, and go to properties, "Open With" and click Microsoft Photo Editor(or you will have to manually look for the .exe file in C:/Program Files/Microsoft Photo Editor)
    5. You're Done!

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