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Discussion in 'Xbox 360 Support Archive' started by Fear Andy, Feb 4, 2010 with 1 replies and 2,086 views.

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  1. Fear Andy

    Fear Andy Getting There

    how do i get my pc to recognise my xbox 360 120gb hitachi HDD

    Fix / Restore original 20/60/120 GB HDD after Xplorer ruins it

    i'm following this gys tutorial
    i'm doing fine up to the part where you boot PC to MHDD
    i can get my PC to boot to MHDD
    but it wont detect my Hitachi HDD
    i'm using data transfer cable (does this affect it)
    if so what should i do
    because my hard drive is not working what so ever
    every time i connect it my xbox360 it says "no storage device detected"

    ps the reason i'm in this mess is i used xplorer360 to do some game saves
    and after i had finished my xbox did not recognise my HDD(no storage device detected)
    so i browsed around for a bit and found that guys tutorial
    any help is appreciated
    and also if there is an easier way to get my HDD to work again
    please let me know thanx guys
  2. rockotaco

    rockotaco Newbie

    I am in the exact same boat. I can't get 4 different computers to detect my Fujitsu drive. It always shows up in the bios under USB, but when it comes time for MHDD to detect it, nothing. I am completely stumped.


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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.