Patched merging of special vehicle warehouses

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    I really couldn't find anything to do with this but figured I would share

    Need 1 friend with same vehicle warehouse. Friend stays inside his and registers as a ceo and sends you a invite while you are outside

    Except invite exactly as friend retires, nothing should happen.

    You Walk into your SVW the instant the animation appears friend needs to start ceo, retire, then start again as quick as possible.

    You will now be in his warehouse and he's not there you can also register as a ceo and not get kicked out.

    Basically you see all friends import/export cars. Nothing is in basement. Doesn't show computer on map but you can access it and it shows your cars.

    Maybe someone more bored then me can figure something more to come of this. I was hoping to find a way to drive the cars on the floor but failed

    Tried same technique at bunker and ceo office and nothing will happen there
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