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Solved Merge r* Jobs with your own job



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Unfortunately I do not know the private method to get pc modded jobs on ps4. However what i whould like to do is glitch the outfits from a r* created mission and merge it with my own job. So that when you play my job you get the outfits from that r* job. I do believe i saw something like this being discussed here some time ago, but i cant find it. Believe it also consisted of merging mission text or some weird ****.

Can someone lead me in the right directtion if its even possible.

my goal is to make a Desthmatch job that makes you wear the cop outfit from either Crooked Cop or some other r* job on one or multiple teams.

thx in advance, if there isn’t any clues etc. on how to do this. Then move this post to discussion
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Navy Davey

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Unfortunately this will not work this way.
You won’t be able to merge jobs to get outfits.
There was a way to get .ipls to stick in a job by putting the Rockstar job in a playlist before a custom job.
That is how I had previously been able to build jobs with the aircraft carrier.
This has been patched for some time now.

There are tools you can buy for PC that enable you to mod jobs.
There is a way to transfer the PC job to consoles but it is private.


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The jobs need to be modded on pc first. Then thru private methods, brought over to console.

Its the only way to get outfits that are rstar created.

As @navysaid, this is only accomplished thru 3rd party tools.

I think inicko has the tool still available for purchase. Look him up on yt for more info.
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