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Max EXP glitch / Lone Wolves halo 3 boosting with 4 accounts



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I have my original Halo 3 account at rank 47 in lone wolves but its level locked with over 100,000 exp because some low-life modded my account to make it 10x harder to rank up. I've managed to boost 3 other accounts ranked 41, 42, and 45. All with around 100 EXP at this point.

I'm aware you cannot play more than 4 games against the same accounts and still rank up. However, I'm trying to figure out if that 4 game limit resets after playing a game of SOCIAL SLAYER against randoms, or if you're forced to pair each account with randoms in another game of ranked Lone Wolves before you can start the 4 game process over again.

In a previous tutorial on the site, the guy explains he's able to reset the 4 game limit by finding a game with randoms (I believe he means in LW) before matching his 4 accounts together again to boost. I have four consoles but only four accounts. The playlist is completely dead so it's not possible to match with randoms. So is this gonna be possible for me at all?

If nothing else just looking for someone who can help remove the 100,000 EXP on my main. And then I guess I can do 4 games every 24 hours??
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I've confirmed the 4 game limit does NOT reset by playing one social game. I guess this means you have to match with completely different players in the same ranked playlist before continuing the streak.

So, is there anyone out there ranked 37-50 willing to help me in 2020?
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