Working MASSIVE DUP of street car

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    hello everyone, here is a massive duplication of street car

    FOUND BY : TutoFacileFrance

    - private session
    - Bunker with MOC
    - arena with 1 basement
    - biker club
    - 1 friend

    - your friend goes to the living room of an activity
    - go to your bunker in your MOC
    - go into your car and hold the "start/option" button and release while you accelerate
    (a flash of the option menu appears)
    - very quickly join your friend and wait a few seconds on the second alert message
    - validate message # 2 after a few seconds
    (you can appear in several places, it's OK)
    (if you normally appear in the bunker, in your vehicle it's not good, start again)
    - teleport yourself with an activity close to your arena
    - enter the basement 1, go in front of the elevator
    and join friend and cancel the first message (to load faster later)
    - at the choice of floors, validate "floor of the arena" and quickly join your friend
    and wait a few seconds on the 2nd alert message
    then validate the message (you appear in the arena without minimap)
    - go in your car and go outside
    - your friend between passenger side, you go to the entrance of the garage of your arena on the message of the choice of the garages then your friend commits suicide and quickly he go on the Sharkcard and remain on it
    - validate the choice of garage, you are in wallbreach
    - get out of the car, sign up for your biker club and call your motorcycle
    - steal a car from the street, go to LSCustom
    - upgrade your car as much as possible, put tracker and insurance
    - exit the LSC, get out of the vehicle, go to the vehicle, go to the LSC, buy a tracker and repeat this step as many times as you want to have duplication

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