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I though it would be usefull to make one big thread for all custom maps.
Simply post the maps name, original maps name, link to bungie.net(This is recommended, because you can directly download someones file share files to your Halo 3. They will begin downloading as soon as you log in to Halo 3 as active transfer), a little description, playlists you recommend and player amount you recommend.
Also, if you recommend certain playlist settings, post them aswell. Or post link to download.

I'll start.
Name: Face Off.
Variant to: Foundry.
Link to bungie.net
Description: Two identical bases battle off in a variety of dangerouse situations. Including intense close quarters and stealthy sniping, think fast.
Workig with your team is essential.
Playlists: Multi-CTF and Team Slayer.
For: 3-12 players.


Sorry for no pics, my cameras battery died recently and haven't got the time to recharge it.
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