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Mapping Textures of FM4 Tracks



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I hope this is the right place to ask. I'm working on importing tracks from Forza Motorsport 4 into blender. I want to find out how FM4 maps the textures to the models for tracks so I don't need to try and manually work out which texture maps to what as there are hundreds of textures and its a lot of guess work. I've been looking through the files and on the top gear test track there's a model sign_topg_dangerofdeath_001 inside file TopGearout.00589.rmb.bin I worked out the texture for this is likely _0x0000032f.bix but I can't find out where these are mapped in the game files. I looked inside TopGear.stx.bin in there I found a reference to :\scratch\SD\Main\Forza2\Main\Media\Src\Tracks\TopGear\scene\compiled\_0x0000032F_s.bin but I can't seem to find where it maps the textures to the model. The _0x0000032F_s.bin file doesn't exist, guessing its a file that was there before compiling.

Is there a list somewhere in the game files that defines which texture maps to which model / part of the model? It surely has to be defined somewhere so that the game knows where to map textures too but I've been looking through the game files using a hex editor and Forza Studio but I've been unable to find such a list. If anyone knows where to look or knows of a guide for this it would be a huge help.

Thank you.
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