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  1. Liberated360

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    I'm pretty new to modding, so bear with me.

    I decided the other day that I wanted to mod a Halo 3 map. I downloaded Forge 2.3 but it didn't work (gave me some stupid error message.) So I just opened up the Halo 3 toybox and used that Forge (idk what version it was, but I don't think it would make the difference.)

    Anyway, I extracted the map to my desktop (Im on Windows, btw) and opened the file up in Forge. The map I had made was a High Ground canvas with plasmas spread in the middle (I was planning to turn them into Monitors.) I went to Equipmenet > Plasmas and I turned them into Monitors (there where a few, I didn't know which one to pick. this is where I need help.)

    Then I saved it, rehashed/resigned it in CONcept (was I supposted to do that?) and put it back on my MU. When I tried to open it up in Halo 3, it didn't work.

    I tried this a few times. Sometimes, when I try to play it in Halo, the mods don't show up. Other times, my Xbox freezes in the black screen right before the game. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any advice?

    This is the error message I get for Forge 2.3 by the way:

    I have .NET Framework installed, and I'm not on Vista so I don't think I have to run as Admin. I've downloaded this twice, too.

    Positive advice please. Remember, I'm new :thumbup:

  2. Shroomz

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    Download Forge 2.6 from the programs section.

    The monitor you're looking for is probably in with the other bipeds. Can't remember if it's under bped or bipd.

    You definitely want to rehash/resign with concept. I know for a fact that key vault worked a couple of weeks ago. Sounds like you're not copying that file back to your hard drive correctly. I believe it prompts you asking if you want to overwrite the old file. Be sure to say yes.

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